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Vivo X Fold 3 Pro Unboxing & Quick Review The Best Fold Of 2024?!

Vivo X Fold 3 Pro :


Folding ones are always exciting! If you look at the foldable ones that have been launched so far, there are a few things missing, but this phone is Vivo’s first foldable X43 Pro, all the missing things that were there in the foldable ones, it ticks them all off.

Whether it’s camera, display, form factor, weight, build quality, Vivo’s X43 Pro takes it to the next level, in all aspects.

Yes, this only extends the boundaries, we will do his unpacking and first impressions today.

There is a USB Type-C to Type-C charging cable, There is a 120W charger inside the box, But remember, the phone supports 100W, and there is also 50W wireless charging, there is documentation, X-Care.

So basically, it’s for maintenance and warranty, and then you have a SIM card tool, let’s keep that aside.

Now, the phone Vivo X Fold 3 Pro, it’s very thin and it’s also very light. In fact, I guess some normal candy bar phones are heavier than that, especially, you know what phones I’m talking about that are very heavy.

That’s it then! If I close my eyes and keep this phone in your hand, you will say that it is a normal candy bar phone, it is so thin and for a foldable phone, it is really thin and it is really light, I want to see the weight, according to me, it is around 225-230g, it’s 245g Honestly, I thought it would be around 225-230g because it’s so thin and light.

So I will say that it is not this light, it just feels light in the hand, there is fiberglass on the back, there is an aluminum alloy frame, and the hinge is made of carbon fiber.

There is a huge weight reduction, I think it’s around 14.5-15g, speaking of protection, it’s an armored glass, it’s Vivo’s own.

The ports and buttons of the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro , at the bottom you get a speaker grille, a microphone, a USB Type C. It is a USB Type C, 3.2 Gen 2, it offers you a data transfer at a speed of 10 Gbps.

So, you can put a big screen and do all this, on the right there is an on/ off button, there is a volume rocker at the top, I can see 2 microphones at the top, and you also have a speaker grille.

On the left, there is an alert slider, very nice, and a microphone too, so there are a total of 4 microphones, 2 at the top, 1 on the side and 1 at the bottom.

I have just been corrected at the top, there is an INFRARED blaster and a microphone on the back, so there are a total of 4 microphones, let me tell you, once you open it, it is 5.2mm thick! that’s it then! And there is a screen guard, very nice!

I love it! Especially the camera, we will talk about it, but the SIM card tray, let’s see, there is a SIM card tray at the bottom, there is a dual nano sim card slot, there is no eSIM support but there is a dual nano sim card slot.

The external screen of the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro measures 6.53″ with a fast refresh rate of 1.5 K and 120 Hz, the brightness is 4500 nits, the internal display is 8.03″, so it is the largest screen of a smartphone, obviously on a foldable phone itself.

And the screen, 8.03″ 120 Hz 2K, Dolby Vision support, HDR10+, both screens support a maximum brightness of 4500 nits.
Again, the brightest screen on a foldable,
there is a PWM dimming of 2160 Hz, so your eyes should not have problems in low light. The glasses are very thin.

Let’s talk about the specifications, it has the latest and the largest 8th Generation SoC 3, There is only one variant with 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage.

It has the largest battery on a 5700 mAh foldable battery, it has 100 W charging, 50 W wireless charging, LPDDR5X RAM type, UFS 4.0 storage type.

So, all the newest and greatest out there. The Antutu score is over 2 M, the performance is top notch, in fact we played Genshin Impact on the big screen for 40 minutes, and we got 59.6 frames per second, continuously.

So it’s excellent there, we also ran the stability processor with 81%, which is again quite good, there are no problems in terms of performance, you can do whatever you want on it.

Foldable phones are usually used by professionals, they have to multitask, use heavy applications and play games, and for this it is more than enough.

But what’s impressive is the battery life, it’s a big battery, so it’s really good to install a 5700 mAh battery in such a form factor.
You should have no problem with 7 to 8 hours of screen time, even with intensive use.

Even the thermals are surprisingly good, it’s a slim phone, so the thermals are good.
When we first got the phone, we thought it would be hot, but when you play, it’s hot on one side and not too hot on the other, around 46-47 degrees C, which is quite acceptable.

And you don’t feel much, so the thermals are also in check, the haptic feedback is correct, no problems at all, the connectivity is Wi-Fi 7, 17 5G bands, VoNR, NFC support, INFRARED blaster, whatever you want, and there is Bluetooth 5.4 support.

I’m just going to say one thing, since they are professional users, it would have been better if there was eSIM support. But there are 2 physical sims. It is an awesome device for multimedia, it is a large 8.03-inch screen, so you can consume multimedia without any problems, it has an LTPO screen, it is amazing with a brightness of 4500 nits.

You will enjoy watching videos outdoors, and you are watching HDR videos, there is Dolby Vision support on Netflix, when we got the phone there was no Dolby Vision support, but now there is an update and Dolby Vision is activated.

User interface, operating system It has a Funtouch operating system based on Android 14, it has 3 years of major updates and 4 years of security updates.

I’m talking about everything in this phone, The OS is subjective, those who have used Vivo’s Funtouch OPERATING system will like it.

It is optimized for a larger screen, so there is no problem. It is a Funtouch operating system, so if you like it, you will like it.

Otherwise, it is subjective, there are not many third-party applications, it is a high-end device.

There are many features, like air gestures, you can make a gesture with your hand and control some things, there is a feature called Desktop Calendar.

If you place it on the table, it will start the AOD, that is at 1 Hz.

There is a Flex mode, which you can use to take pictures, I’ll tell you about the camera later, but there is a Flex mode, you also get a 3-finger screenshot.

You have 2 applications on the split screen, you can take a screenshot of the same application from this side with 3 fingers.

And yes, the 2 apps that you use regularly on the split screen, like YouTube and Chrome, you can create a pair.

So you can just click once and both apps will open, when it was first teased it said AI highlighted X4 3 Pro. So it has AI features such as translation, note assistance and voice recording.

And if I talk about the sensors, you get all the sensors, in fact, there are 2 ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, 1 is on the front screen and the other is on it.

Usually you get it on the On/off button, which again, for such a high-end phone, doesn’t look good.

But it’s there on the screen, and another thing that I liked about the optimization, when you go from the small screen to the big screen, it changes very seamlessly.

So that’s good, they did a good job, IP certification is also important in the foldable phone, you get IPX8 certification on this phone.

Let’s talk about the cameras , of all the mobile phones I have used so far, I have only had one problem, the cameras are not flagship level. But this Vivo X Fold 3 Pro phone changes that, on the back you get a 50MP plus 64MP plus 50MP configuration.

There is a 64 MP periscope, so this is their 3X optical zoom, on the front you get a 32 MP selfie sensor, and you also get a 32 MP selfie sensor on the main screen.

On the right side it is not under the screen, but you can see it, which is good, but the quality is good, you can clearly see that it is brought in partnership with Zeiss.

Zeiss optics are basically used, so the color is good, ZEISS color science is used and has 3 different modes, vivid, textured and natural, if you want bright and impactful colors, you can get it.

ZEISS has a deep partnership with this phone, which is good, and it’s visible, we took so many photos and we didn’t have high expectations for the foldable phone, because the form factor is such that you can’t do many things but not with this phone.

It has a periscope, a 3x optical zoom and the camera quality is very good.
In fact, we took a lot of samples under different conditions.

If you look at the edge detection, you’ll know what I’m talking about, it’s SIPA certified, so when you take 10x photos, the shake you get when you use the telephoto lens, it’s not just telephoto, it’s telemacro.

You can zoom in and take macro photos, you can really get closer to the subject, and it has a flex mode, in fact, you don’t need a tripod for this, it shoots 8K videos but you can shoot 4K 60FPS.

And the good thing about the foldable ones, is that you can take a selfie with the rear camera, it becomes very easy, you can take it with the preview.

So, you can use the entire rear camera setup as a selfie, but yes, you can also take a 32MP selfie.

Speaking of features, it has all the features you want, it has slow motion, timelapse, etc.
You can take 4K portrait videos thanks to the V3 chip, there is a lot of processing for the camera, so you can take 4K portrait videos, and in low light, it is excellent.

It supports OIS, but in low light you get very good portraits.

Conclusion :

The photos and the performances that I have seen, it is really impressive, but more than that, the feeling in the hand, even if Vivo X Fold 3 Pro 245g, it does not feel heavy in the hand, it is not very big and bulky, it looks like a normal candy bar phone. And it looks and feels premium in hand, I am happy to see this phone because it is going to come with many foldable in the 2nd half of 2024, I think it is a reference.

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