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Should You Buy an Apple TV in 2024?

Apple TV :


Today I am going to review the Apple TV and give you one person’s point of view, about the Apple TV, we are also going to discuss whether you should buy one or maybe a smart TV, is better for your situation.

The Apple TV has been around for a while, but I just bought my first Apple TV which is the Apple TV 4K, about 6 or 7 months ago and after the time I spent with it, I have to say that I have some thoughts, after saying that I have some thoughts while I review.

This review I am going to go ahead and divide it into four different parts :

First impressions, ease of use disadvantages and the reason why I made the decision to buy an Apple TV.

So to start, we have the first impressions of the Apple TV, after unpacking it, of course, I plugged it in and I have it to say that it is definitely an experience, like all Apple devices for this specific model that I have chosen to buy.

There are three agreements in total involved, in the connection process the power cord, the HDMI cord, and the Ethernet cord, the other model they have for sale is the Wi-Fi only version which I guess is just the HDMI cable and the power cord will go to the computer very quickly and I’m right.

The Apple TV itself, is smaller than I thought, and does not take up much space on my dresser under my TV, the configuration was simple once turned on and again like all Apple devices, once you enter your password, Apple everything you need will transfer to it even the Wi-Fi, and especially the passwords, for all the streaming services to which you are connected, so that you do not have to log in to all these applications.

Setting up the Apple TV, was even easier because during the first configuration, your iPhone will detect the Apple TV box, and all you do is confirm that you are setting up a new Apple TV, with your ID and boom you are ready.

This brings me to the next part, the ease of use one of the main things I heard from everyone, before buying it was that it’s very easy and fast to use, the only thing I think the Apple TV has over all other streaming boxes is that it’s a very smooth experience, not only does the box offer a great way to stream the content you want to stream.

But the software experience, is very smooth and fast with practically no lag in the software itself, an experience that I miss in some other streaming software, but I must say that they are improving.

Now, we can’t talk about the Apple TV without talking about the Apple TV remote control, which adds to the overall ease of use of the product.

The remote control itself, is an experience that I miss in some other streaming software, but I must say that they are improving, great experience, it has the typical Apple designs, with the sharp angles, and the elegant look that I quickly dented during the first week of use.

But if this has happened to you, and you can’t live with the bump, you can go to Apple’s website and pay $60,for a new one in the grand scheme of things, is not too bad when it comes to Apple devices.

The remote control has seven individual buttons, to increase and decrease the volume, activate and deactivate playback, and mute pause and a button that Apple has added that takes you directly to the Apple TV application, to watch their exclusive content.

There are also the up down left and right buttons in the large circle at the top of the remote control, the center being the ok button, when you want to click on something, it also serves as a touch surface so that you can easily swipe from one application to another, or from one video to another.

The remote control also comes with a Siri button, where if your house is equipped with Apple home features, you can give Siri commands, you can also press the Siri button while watching a show, and say what they said, and it will rewind, the show you were watching, and repeat what just happened.

Now, back to the Apple TV application the Apple TV application, also brings some ease of use applications, so not only can you access the Apple TV exclusives, if you pay the subscription of 9.99 per month.

You can also join other subscription services to the application, so that you don’t have to access, the individual applications to watch, you can simply access the TV application and watch your Netflix or Hulu subscription, also a feature that is mainly highlighted, on the Apple website.

They combined the Apple TV information, with information about the apple homepod, and other elements that are in partnership with apple to work with the Apple homepod ecosystem.

Apple TV pairs well with the apple homepod and you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, for the Apple TV and games are one thing with access to Apple arcade, and the ability to connect a controller to the Apple TV.

The Apple TV 4K has a feature called threads, so as not to get too technical with which threads, are threads is basically a Wi-Fi extender, for smart home devices, to connect and help extend the range of your Wi-Fi, for your smart home devices.

Apple TV is probably my biggest irritation, the reason behind this is because the remote control button is pressed accidentally all the time and it’s annoying, and when you watch a YouTube video and you accidentally press the button, you come back into the YouTube app, you have to review all the ads that you had to skip before you started watching the video.

You can also have several people as profiles on your Apple TV, which I found cool when you do this, it customizes the suggested screen at the top of the home page for the one watching, but that’s it, I wish there was a little more individuality based on the different profiles.

As when you log in to another Apple profile, you must automatically log in to a profile, on a streaming application or a YouTube profile, we have reached the point where it makes no sense to log in to another profile if we have to select a profile in the individual applications.

I have used almost all types of smart home systems, and I have almost all of them at home my first smart TV was a Roku TV, and it only lasted a year we have Amazon Fire TVs, in my house and they work great for my parents, who have Android phones, but for me it all comes down to price and usability.

Apple TV starts at $129, and you can get all the Apple experiences, and the usable ecosystem.

Conclusion :

I think the Apple TV is a great purchase, and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.

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