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AVAX will cost $100! When To Buy The Avalanche?

AVAX will cost $100! When To Buy The Avalanche?


Today we will look at the avax token if we should wait for this coin to increase even more, or if we should expect a dump, and what are the best actions to take to make money with aex.

Let’s move on to the analysis for a competent investment, we need to understand what this project is all about.

Avalanche, is a first-level decentralized platform, which allows you to create multifunctional blockchains, members of the Avalanche team have worked for various organizations such as Microsoft Google, and others the core network was launched on September 21, 2020.

Avalanche consists of a central network called the primary network, and an unlimited number of subnets.

The main network consists of three blockchains, each of the chains has a separate target that is fundamentally different from the approach used by the Bitcoin blockchain, and obviously ethereum the separation of computational tasks provides a higher throughput for the Avalanche Network, without sacrificing decentralization in turn, the Avalanche subnets are similar to the solutions read 2 for ethereum and Dot, any user or developer on the Avalanche network can create the RO network, by simply paying a fee of 0.01.

Token AX is a native token of the Avalanche platform, the maximum issuance of tokens 720 million tokens the value of the AVX token, mainly lies in the fact that it provides access to the ecosystem, and a wide range of platform services and participates in network security, for token holders also have the opportunity to manage the Avalanche platform constantly burns tokens, which were used as payment for fees.

Therefore, the more people use the platform, the faster the supply decreases at the height of the previous bull market.

The token is corrected to 93%, compared to its historical high what the billers could have influenced this, and what the developers of the project are doing right now in February 2023.

The Loco streaming service, announced that the Loco platform would be part of the vast Avalanche Multiverse ecosystem, which would provide access to MP3 products for the local community, for the Avalanche team the agreement was another tool to develop, the business in Asia with the expected number of viewers of streaming services in India, which is expected to reach 85 million by 2025, and it will be a significant success this year.

The circle company was the main actor who is the issuer, of the usdc and issued euro coins on the Avalanche network, this is just one of the few blockchains for this coin, the integration of the new coin was immediately announced by several applications of the Avalanche network, among which there are projects such as Benji curve, GMX and others.

Let’s see the toomics of the project in 2020, the company raised $ 12 million, during a private round with leading funds such as the a16z Capital Galaxy chain, and others and $ 42 million in the public sale.

The tokens were distributed, as follows staking rewards 50%, the project team received 15%, received almost 10%, the remaining 177% went to the public round.

It must be said that such a tokenomics, is quite generous on the side of the team because usually the foundations of the team get a higher percentage of tokens, another 10% was sent for the acquisition we can see that the capitalization of the project is large, 13 billion dollars and it is after the fivefold growth of the asset, but there are almost no coins acquired, they are almost all on the market, so the AVX team decided not to stand still, and on July 23, an initiative launched to tokenize assets worth more than $50 billion.

And I will remind you that tokenization is more than likely the next uptrend in the market with artificial intelligence, this initiative will be called Avalanche VIs, and the main objective of this program is to support, and demonstrate the value of tokenization for different asset classes, and now we can also observe that the tvl of the project has almost dropped to the values of 2021, when the network was only at a stage of development perhaps, that the downtrend and the outflow of liquidity from the market are responsible for it.

The naked market also influenced the exit of developers from this blockchain, and as a result, the exit of developers amounted to 42%, during the year.

Now, we will analyze the graph and make assumptions about what will happen to the price, if we look at the 1-year period, we can see that the price is trading higher than a year ago when there was also a local season, we can see the accumulation area in the range of $9 to $19, which was relevant for a year and is 2 years old, and we can say with certainty, that the funds bought tokens in the flank, and when they had the right amount of issue.

They send the coin up to $ 50 it should be noted that AX is one of the first coins to have experienced growth and not just growth, but a giant leap with Solana and ICP, looking at their charts we can see the same there is a simple explanation, why these coins were the first because they are are large capitalization coins.

Which means that the funds, have a large number of tokens on hand, and that they need more time and liquidity to distribute them, and sell them if we look at the global token chart, we can see that we have a support area because in the fall of 2021, the coin was traded in the same price range and that.

Conclusion :

We can conclude, that the price is not going to drop below 20 now, but this is not true because there is actually no support area, because these coins have already been sold and support exists only on the chart.

The fundamental assets, such as AX chain link ICP, and others will start to develop and when they show growth, you will be able to rebalance yourself into projects that have just been released and will still be cheap.

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