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Best FREE VPN tier list | Ranked TOP 10 Best Free VPNs for 2024!


Free VPNs are like a lottery, sometimes you pull out the best free Virtual Private Network, and sometimes you end up with money-hungry apps willing to pawn your data.

Let’s go directly to the best list of free VPN levels.

Atlas VPN:


This Virtual Private Network has a paid level, I’m aware, but it also has a free one, and that’s the target of my interest today.

Atlas VPN is what I would call a must-have Virtual Private Network for any mobile device, it was originally designed for them and all its features are available there.

Of course, the visual design of the application is simplistic, but when it comes to a Virtual Private Network, it is more important to have a stable connection, and fast speeds. Atlas VPN offers both.

Naturally, I’m not a big fan of having only four locations to choose from, counting in the recently added Singapore and the data cap is a bit restrictive.

But Atlas VPN offers a high level of security thanks to encryption, and it has a reliable no-logging policy, and this is part of NordSec, and given all the security research done by this company, I have confidence in the reliability and the potential for improvement of Atlas VPN, I would say that it is a solid 8.

5 out of 10 for me, but I’m still missing some of the premium features, like unlimited connections, extra layers of security and even ad blocking are really nice.

Of course, for every good provider I can recommend, there is something like Psiphon, it is open source, so everyone can look inside and be amazed that it has been going on since 2006, the provider’s website is in its raw state, as is the application.

Psiphon :


Psiphon is not a Virtual Private Network, it works with thousands of proxy servers, but there is no advanced tunneling protocol involved, no encryption, the result is a Virtual Private Network that can give you access to content if you live in a country where Internet use is severely restricted and where there is certainly a demand for applications like this.

In 2021, Psiphon went from 5,000 users, to 14 million per day, because the political situation in Myanmar forced people to seek free Internet access.

But I cannot recommend the Psiphon as a protection measure, although it seals your traffic, it does not provide encryption and the servers have been overloaded for a long time, forcing most users to very low speeds.

Since this application helps to provide people with free internet access, I give it a rating of 3.5 out of 10.

That said, there are still many good free VPNs out there.

Winscribe :


It is still a Virtual Private Network capable of accessing many countries for free, while most are limited to about 3, Windscribe has 11 countries to choose from.

With the WireGuard tunneling protocol, this means that you get decently fast access to quite a few servers.

Since Windscribe is also freemium, this means that you can also increase this number at any time.

This also applies to the number of devices, as Windscribe only allows one device on a free plan.

But even completely free, Windscribe provides high-level encryption and a kill switch, and the Virtual Private Network, works from the jurisdiction of Canada. Yes, even if it is still a 5-eyed country, the Canadian privacy laws, are a little better than those of the United States, for example? In addition, the VPN itself does not collect any identification logs.

A major disadvantage of the free version is a data cap, but it is very generous, I mean, for a free Virtual Private Network, 10 GB per month, plus an extra charge if you manage to have friends on board. For me, it’s a solid 8 out of 10.

If at any time the WINDFLIX servers for streaming returned to a free version.

Unfortunately, some suppliers, as struggling as they might be, will always be a little lower in the ranks.

Let me just say that you don’t want to download the best free Virtual Private Network, for PC and then realize that you got TouchVPN by accident.

TouchVPN :


It is a provider with a very questionable privacy policy where it openly admits to saving user data and a little too much, compared to what I am willing to share.

TouchVPN is also prone to DNS leaks, so whatever it doesn’t take, it’s probably going to leak somewhere.

If that wasn’t enough, TouchVPN was bought by Aura, you better remember that name, we’ll talk about the other VPNs in their clutches later. The fact is that Aura collects data, and a lot of it, it’s also quite money-intensive to force literal advertisements into your Virtual Private Network application.

I hope I don’t have to remind you that the appropriate Virtual Private Network providers usually remove ads, and not impose more on you.

TouchVPN uses the proprietary Aura Catapult Hydra protocol, which is decent.

The speeds are not terrible and the encryption is strong, but still, TouchVPN is one of the providers that makes people wonder if free VPNs are safe.

Hola VPN :


But wait, you could say that millions use Hola VPN, and they seem to be happy.

Hola VPN openly saves and sells user data, which does not surprise anyone at this point.
But more importantly, it also has no encryption, it provides a forwarding service, but redirects you to other Hola VPN users, without their knowledge.

Most of the time, because no one reads the service agreements, if that wasn’t bad enough for you, Hola VPN sells access to other users’ devices, to use them as nodes for real money to anyone.

Free scammers like Hola VPN or TouchVPN, are always hiding around the corner and that’s why I prefer premium providers like NordVPN or Surfshark, who have confirmed the security and guarantee that they do not save or sell your data.

Being a free Virtual Private Network, it is still limited to only seven countries, which is still a lot, by the way, and a decent browser extension. Actually, I take that back.

This makes it the best free Virtual Private Network option for Chrome, it’s very simple and straightforward, but it also clearly does the job. VPN :


Hide me VPN, it has reliable encryption, decent speeds and fully supports P2P.
It’s just a pretty decent free Virtual Private Network for security or torrenting, especially if you mainly use your browser.

It’s not just because it’s difficult to put it alongside ProtonVPN, after all, it’s a free Virtual Private Network without any bandwidth limitations, so browse as much as you want.

ProtonVPN :


Of course, compared to hide me VPN, it only has three countries to choose from, but they are the United States, the Netherlands and Japan.

You are basically covered for all the main eastern and western continents, which is a great flexibility for a free VPN.

Having access to WireGuard also brings more advantages to ProtonVPN, both more reliable encryption and faster connection speed.

This is definitely one of the fastest free Virtual Private Network options.

In addition, ProtonVPN operates from Swiss jurisdiction, which is a very privacy-friendly place to work with.

The only drawback that really interests me is the full P2P block, but it makes sense, without bandwidth limitation, everyone could torrent safely and for free with ProtonVPN.

Aura Hotspot Shield :


This is a notorious Virtual Private Network with many bad reputations accumulated over the years, in fact, let me just make it a Hotspot shield plus a Betternet Virtual Private Network.

They are both free and basically the same thing, they are providers with a Catapult Hydra protocol, which should give good speeds.

But a Virtual Private Network should also have good protection, so I’m not surprised that they don’t have either.

In addition to Aura’s frantic data collection, Hotspot Shield only allows 500 megabytes of data per day, which is laughable, by the way, and there is only one location to choose from.

Ivacy VPN :


There is no data cap and it is P2P compatible, encryption and circuit breaker are included.

The disadvantages of Ivacy are still quite noticeable however.

Without WireGuard, the speed is quite slow and a single server in the Netherlands makes it impossible to access all the content I want.

But it is the free torrent vpn of my dreams for sure, yes, slow but also secure and without data cap.

Privado :


It turns out that this is not a good way of thinking and on closer inspection, PrivadoVPN somehow has what everyone wants.

Streaming access in nine countries, no less, but for me, I prefer streaming in high quality, and this is hardly possible at 10 GB of data limit per month.

You’re going to run out in an hour, but I know a lot of you are just here, and you just want streaming access.

Conclusion :

This is the complete list of the best levels of free Virtual Private Network, in all its power directly on your screen.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us


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