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Samsung Galaxy S24 – The Perfect 2024 Smartphone !

Samsung Galaxy S24 :


I really liked the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone and if you liked this smartphone too, then you will like it more, It is the Samsung Galaxy S24 and it is much better than the S23, and I will tell you the reason.

So this is the Samsung Galaxy S24 box pack and the variant that I have is the amber yellow color variant, you will get this handset in the box the construction and finish are premium level apart from that, it is the ejection pin of the SIM tray a few booklets and it is the Type, C cable that speaks about the looks.

The back is made of glass and the frame is made of aluminum the construction and finish are very good and in fact I liked the size that is why I liked the Samsung Galaxy S23 the size is very good for my hands the hand feel is perfect it fits very well in pockets and it is also very good for everyday use, the form factor is perfect for my hands.

Now, see that this is a subjective question, each person will like a specific type of phone form factor, they will be very comfortable using this form factor is very good for me, and I think most Indian users will like this form factor neither it is very big nor it is very small it is very perfect plus the design is very flat what I liked the sides are curved.
And the camera module is the same as we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S23 it’s good, elegant and eye-catching Galaxy S22, then there’s the S23, and that’s the S24.

Galaxy S22 had a 3700 mAh battery, and the 23 variant had a 3900 mAh battery, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 has a 4000 mAh battery comparatively, it comes with more battery in fact the 3900 mAh battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23 had a very good autonomy, and you will also get a very good autonomy with a 4000 mAh battery.

The screen nits are very high on this 2600 mAh smartphone, which means that the screen is very visible in the sun.

I’m going to talk about the main features the display quality is at an incredible level compared to the Samsung Galaxy S23 its nits were 1750 and it has a brightness of 2600 nits.

And the brightness of the S22 was 1300 nits so in the sun, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is very visible The size of the screen compared to the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S22, is a little larger by 6.2 inches compared to 6.1 inches, I used the three handsets, 22, 23 and now 24 The size of the screen is a little big, but the form factor is almost the same, you will not get the impression that the form factor is different from the S23 and S22 It is a good option upgrade.

You can consider it It comes with an advanced AI function and a larger steam cooling system, which means that the handset will not heat up much if you use heavy applications, The screen-to-body ratio is also very good I will definitely use these handsets, especially the form factor handsets It is a better option compared to the iPhone 15 It comes with a little better specifications.

The iPhone 15 has a 3349 mAh battery, a 4000 mAh battery Its nits are 2600, while the iPhone has a brightness of 2000 nits, the screen size of the iPhone 15 is 6.1 inches and it has 6.2 inches Compared to the iPhone 15, it comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate display, the 120 Hz refresh rate, will offer you a very smooth experience, and it can be changed automatically between a refresh rate adaptive from 1 Hz and 120 Hz, when you need more refresh rates in the application and in this way.

The battery life is also improved to some extent it also supports ray tracing when you play games, the lighting effects move when you move for example, the shadow falling, and if you change the angle, the structure of the shadow also changes, which is possible thanks to ray tracing and this smartphone supports it, which means that the gaming experience is going to be at the next level, and that it can record 8K videos.

While the iPhone 15 cannot record 8K videos the biggest advantage of 8K video recording, is that you can zoom without loss, the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones have an AI feature that will completely change.

There are some things that you often do on smartphones like searching for example :

I like these bags and I want to get more information about this bag so that I can press and hold, this and see that it is the circle to search for the option I can search for it like this and see this, it is the same bag that I just selected by circling, it shows me more options so this method will completely change the way you will search using smartphones, and this is a very interesting thing because you can start this search from anywhere, for example, the photos that I took with this smartphone, I want to show you this photo and the shirt that I am looking for.

Suppose you like this shirt, search for it and see this, you will know exactly where this type of shirt is available and you get many options.

There is also a live translation option and my name is see here is the phone support and this is the live translation option .

The chat support option is also available here,You get the chat translation option.

You get the writing style option, I select the writing style and he will give me some suggestions, so that these AI features make your work interesting and easy, and that he can check spelling and grammars.

The navigation aid option is also available for example, if you are on the Samsung website and you are looking at the Samsung Galaxy S24, and you basically have to summarize it, so for that, the summarize and translate web page option is available, you get two options summarize and translate summarize will basically give you information on the key points so basically you don’t need to read the whole page it gives you a good idea in summary format, see a lot of people check it out.

I want to explain some things to you that when a new hardware comes on the market, there will be something in that hardware that the software should also be used so that the performance of the hardware is improved and whenever you use a reference application or the application used to check the thermals, is that updated application for that new hardware, it is also very important to see it because when a new hardware comes on the market, many applications are outdated, they are not optimized for this new hardware and when you use such applications especially for benchmarks, it makes no sense in this case here.

The Samsung Exynos 2400 processor is used and see its performance, you will get a good idea of the Antutu benchmark it is about 16 lakhs, this is a very good score, it certainly goes against premium level smartphones in terms of performance, and you must have seen that many people do such things, open many applications, then try to show that the handset is smooth or don’t see that you start using the handset.

The handset will start optimizing it takes time for this process to happen, it is not immediate, so this process of quickly opening applications does not make sense and anyway the normal user will browse slowly or intelligently search directly, so my approach to the review is practical, which is normal users will see that each game has a cooling period, which means that these games do not run at full power every time.

Now, you know for example this Asphalt 9 game, it also has a cooling period, you must have noted one thing that these games last up to a turn because these games have very intense graphics and the processor works a lot in these kinds of games, you can see how fast, and how the graphics change so these kinds of games will use more resources and the handset will certainly heat up, regardless of its power, because these games are specially designed for mobiles, you will have a turn so after a turn, this game automatically switches to cooling.

So you have to keep that in mind and at the end of the game you will see that it ended immediately and now it has entered the cooling period, you will get animations, you will see results, so all this is basically time that passes for the processor to rest, so it’s not that the handset in each game will heat up so it basically depends on how you use the handset, it depends on the type of game you are playing and how the game is optimized for this handset and of course this handset is perfect for gaming use.

So this is the wide angle option of the camera interface and it can zoom up to the 30x portrait option, plus the video in video mode, you can record videos in 8k at 30 fps and this is possible, because it comes with a very powerful hardware stability option is also equipped with a super stable mode and it also has an AI function.

If you press and hold on the topic so that it has marked and if I want, I can move the topic or copy for example, I can go to notepad and paste it it makes your job very easy, and the erase option is also given it is also a very interesting feature press and hold and the topic is automatically marked, press and hold and delete, so this automatically the AI will analyze things and the topic I selected will disappear, because it’s a little complicated there are trees behind and there is a road here the work is very well done.

Now let’s see what it does the AI is a very amazing feature and you can use it to recreate very interesting photos it takes a little time and of course it needs processing to see an incredible recreation, the quality of the camera is of an incredible level portraits shoots very well to see, and long shots also shoots very well, and low light photography is also very amazing.

You can definitely shoot cinematic style videos, I am very impressed with the camera and this is a selfie photo I took inside, another amazing thing I can adjust the speed and see that I have reduced the speed and see here how it has created amazing slow motion videos.

It has added an additional number of images and I get a very smooth movement so that you can record any type of videos and then you can create slow motion videos whenever you want another interesting thing about this the handset is that it supports, reverse wireless charging, which means that it supports other smartphones that support wireless charging can be charged wirelessly, in fact if you have headphones that support wireless charging, you can charge it through that.

I am very impressed with the battery life, it gets 1 to 1.5 days of autonomy and this handset comes with 5G support in this you will get everything you want in premium level smartphones Samsung S24 series smartphones, will benefit from 7 years of software updates and security updates.

Means that you can use this handset easily for 7 years and whenever there is a software update on a smartphone, especially a major software update like Android 14 to Android 15, the appearance and usability change and the handset looks like a new handset, so Samsung’s 7-year software update is very impressive.

Conclusion :

Samsung is sure that the hardware of its smartphone is of good quality and it is durable and of course it comes with the Knox security system if you want to buy this Samsung Galaxy S24 product, its price is 64999 rupees in fact, when the Samsung Galaxy S23 was launched, its price is a little lower and this price is with offers effective pricing.

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