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What is Onion Over VPN and How Can I Use It ?

Onion Over VPN :


Today we are going to talk about onion on vpn, and why it is necessary for you to use a vpn with the tor browser.

If you are now interested in using the tor browser itself, it still gives you some form of anonymity and privacy, which is good enough, but it’s not exactly the type of privacy that you would be, it’s not complete, it’s not full-scale privacy, and it’s because of the way the tor browser really works the way it works is that while your information is going through three relays or three nodes It’s the entry node, the intermediate node and the output node or the relays as you want to call them.

So it’s your computer and when you’re not using a Virtual Private Network, you’re basically using your own ip address to get into the guard or the entrance node now, of course, once you’re there and you know you’re going through the entrance node and you’re in the middle node, you’re completely let’s say private and mostly anonymous okay, but since you’re going through the entrance node using your, let’s say your PC or laptop or whatever device you’re using , your ISP or your provider will be able to see what you are doing well, not what you are doing will be able to realize that you are using your own IP address to enter the dark Web.

So, they will be able to tell that you are entering the onion browser using your real IP address so that you know if you are in a country that has strong censorship and maybe you are a whistleblower or a journalist or something and your ISP notices that you have entered the dark Web and they realized that well, this guy you know, this guy or this girl used his own IP address to enter the dark Web, but now we can’t see what is happening in the dark Web.

So let’s go ahead and , pay him a little visit and see what they’re doing on, you know the dark web, so you don’t want this kind of headache, especially if you’re in a country subjected to heavy censorship where these regimes really don’t appreciate any form of dissent, political dissent, social descent, whatever it is.

You know what you are going to do, of course, you are anonymous by the way, your traffic is anonymous, they can never tell what is happening here, neither in the intermediate relay nor in the output relay, but unfortunately, they are able to say that you are using your ip address.

So what you are going to do here is of course use a vpn and you know that when you use the tor browser, keep this in mind that you are actually your traffic.

Your browser traffic is secured anonymously, but it is only your browser traffic, so anything outside of this browser traffic is not anonymized, secured, or encrypted.

So I don’t know maybe you’re torrenting maybe everything you do outside of your browser won’t be encrypted, that’s also when a vpn comes in handy.

Now you know that some may ask why not use the tor browser you know that you enter the tor browser and then the vpn, the fact is that you know that creating a tunnel through the tor network and connecting from there to your Virtual Private Network service, also known as vpn over tor is more difficult to configure for example expressvpn does not support this method because it does not increase your anonymity.

While this configuration makes it impossible for the exit node to see your traffic, it is now the Virtual Private Network service that is able to review your traffic in theory, a vpn that does not keep activity or connection logs can be reliable with this information, but it reintroduces an element of trust in an otherwise untrusted configuration, leaving you without the advantages of anonymity only the slow speeds of the tor network.

This is why it is much more recommended to actually use onion tor over vpn, instead of onion vpn because when connecting to a Virtual Private Network first, then tor also known as tor over vpn, offers you all the privacy protection of the tor network as well as additional protection that prevents any tor node from seeing your home IP address.

You also won’t have to worry about being flagged by your home network or isp to use tor, because all the ISP will be able to see the encrypted traffic to your Virtual Private Network server, so tor over vpn also provides access to the tor network even where it is blocked, such as corporate and school networks or certain countries.

Another advantage of tor over vpn is that your vpn service will not see what you are doing inside the tor network and if there is a problem, you will not be able to access the tor network and if there is a bug in the tor browser connecting to the vpn.

First of all, you will put an extra layer of security between this bug and you, so sometimes you know that there may be bugs here, and there in the tor browser and that maybe some information could leak here and there.

The vpn will be an additional supplement, let’s say a layer of protection that will protect you no matter what and of course, most importantly, your isp will not be able to tell what you are doing or your vpn, because first of all, you have encrypted your data from your isp using the vpn, then you use the tor browser to encrypt you from the logs, let’s say from the vpn assuming that the vpn records your activity, of course, I have three recommendations here that are known to have very reputable policies without logs and privacy policies, that’s why I have three recommendations here.

Now that you know how to use the vpn with the onion browser, you know that it’s as easy as letting me bring it here, you know that when you download the visit browser, you’re going to get a folder that looks like this okay, and all you have to do now is just turn on your vpn and once your vpn is turned on and just give it a few seconds here and by the way, I use the lightweight udp protocol with expressvpn simply because it’s the most efficient protocol , you can certainly use openvpn udp or tcp but this will significantly reduce your speed.

But yes, I would recommend either using light udp or openvpn udp I will stick to the light one once you are connected to your vpn, all you have to do is simply connect to your tor browser and you are good to go it’s really that simple and it’s the best way to protect yourself from your isp, and just continue yourself private and anonymous in general.

So now that you know, let’s see which of these VPNs you maybe prefer the other, now there is expressvpn is the vpn that I would recommend especially if you are in a heavily censored country or if you are very, let’s say suspicious of privacy and you just want to remain anonymous for one reason or another.

Go ahead and use expressvpn, it has been audited several times, every audit and every little mistake they have in these audits is immediately corrected, not only that we have a real situation where expressvpn was tested in 2017.

As part of the seizure of an expressvpn server by the Turkish government, as part of an investigation into the assassination of the Russian ambassador at the time and the Turkish authorities were still unable to extract anything, anything from expressvpn, and you really it gives you the ultimate proof that expressvpn really has a no log policy, and they really respect the integrity of their privacy policy very well.

So yes with expressvpn especially if you are trying to unblock streaming services for that matter, it is definitely going to be the best using the netflix reference expressvpn is capable of unblocking up to 18 netflix libraries which will be 10 with more than 15 with surf sharks.

So that gives you an idea of the reliability of expressvpn with regard to unblocking streaming services and netflix, and then you have nord, of course all these VPNs by the way have the two basic libraries characteristics which are the kill switch and the split tile and with regard to sophistication, they all have very good obfuscation, but with expressvpn, obfuscation is always activated and with regard to the reliability of expressvpn in China, it is certainly the most reliable.

This is not to say that north and surf track don’t work, they definitely work, but when it comes to reliability in censored countries such as China, ExpressVPN has the best track record for reliability and consistency.

Now, just that they also have an onion website, so if you can’t access expressvpn through the usual website for whatever reason it may be banned, you can access it through the tor browser and download it from there, so that’s also an advantage.

You know they have the censored people in mind, so yes, ExpressVPN definitely has your back in terms of privacy and anonymity.

Now, nordvpn a little cheaper but which still offers you many options.

First of all, you have an ad blocker, the powerful node link protocol and an application kill switch, the kill switch of course, if you didn’t know, will disable your Internet, when the vpn disconnects unexpectedly, however the amp kill switch will disable or terminate the selected applications when the vpn connection drops unexpectedly rather than terminating your entire connection.

Of course you have custom dns tunneling easy custom dns options and obfuscated servers will only be used if your usual servers are not working of course.

The problem with nord here regarding the onion, the tor browser is that the onion over vpn will give you the option to use the tor or access the dark web without really using the tor browser.

I mean if you are going to download a browser or you know firefox let’s say that if it is downloaded, you could certainly access the dark Web via the onion over vpn feature here with specialized servers, but if you have access to download browsers, you might as well download the tor browser, it will be a better option, especially for your anonymity because firefox will not be as encrypted and anonymous as the tor browser, I mean if you are trying to access the dark Web in the first place, you are probably also looking for the anonymity and encryption that are offered by the tor browser.

So using firefox or chrome to access the dark Web defeats the purpose of this anonymity and all the encryption that happens with the tor browser. So I would definitely recommend that it is also better and faster if you just use a regular server and then just access the tor browser.

Another thing that you get with a nord is that if you come here, just switch to openvpn, you will have access to two other specialized servers, such as double vpn and dedicated ipwpn will route your connection through two servers rather than one if you are looking for double the encryption if I didn’t mention by the way expressvpn will allow you to secure up to five devices per subscription six devices with nord and guess what unlimited number of devices with surf shark and this is going to be one of the biggest selling points with surf shark.

In addition of course to also having many features such as the double vpn and dedicated ip which are called multi-hop ip and static ip here, you also of course get the white list which is divided into tunneling the kill switch and an application blocker, what else do you get.

Sorry about that, you also get the powerful wired protection protocol and a handful of protocols here that you might find useful, I would just stick with the wired protection protocol.
Another thing is that shadow socks will help you reach banned websites if you are banned from them, but keep in mind, just like the tor browser, it will only encrypt your browser traffic, so keep this in mind with borderless mode in mind, it will allow you to bypass the China quality file if the servers or the firewall do not allow you to access the servers.

So that will sort of mitigate that now of course with nord with expressvpn excuse me, you don’t have to play anything to bypass the grand finale of China and that’s where the convenience and accessibility as well as the Easter fuse fall into place.
But of course, if you go with nord and surf shark here, you may have to click a few more buttons here and there to set things up.

Conclusion :

Of course this kind of accessibility and ease of use, it cost money to set up, which is why you will have to pay a little more with expressvpn , but with nord and surfshark, this does not mean of course that they are not reliable, they are super reliable and excellent .

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