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Best VPN for PC | 6 TOP VPN services to use in 2024

Best VPN for PC :


In today’s VPN comparison, I have a bunch of important updates from the best providers, who can simply change your decision when choosing the best VPN for PC, from upgraded packages to merged companies.

So let’s dive in when I compare the best VPN choices, the first and most important factor to analyze is :

Security, Will each provider be able to protect my personal data, and my online activity to the highest degree.

When I lined up my top VPN choices nordvpn, surf shark, expressvpn, cyber ghost, and Norton VPN, I found that almost all of them use the same encryption, keep in mind that not all providers on the market opt for these modern encryption standards, and that the difference between a weak and a strong one, is like a straw house, versus a brick house, which one would you prefer to store your private information in another crucial factor to maximize privacy, is to have only Ram servers that are cleaned after each restart, guaranteeing that user data is never stored.

Almost all of my top VPN providers for Windows include them, with the exception of Norton, which has not yet joined in addition, each of these VPNs has a strict no-logging policy in place.

But Norton has not yet set up to be independently audited like the others.

Now, another factor that affects, how private your provider will be, is actually based on its jurisdiction, there are several countries that are part of information sharing alliances, which basically means that if a government asks a provider, the data of its users, they have no choice but to hand it over nordvpn, expressvpn, and cyber ghost are all based in countries, with respectful laws, privacy.

But surf sharks and Norton’s locations are both part of information sharing alliances, so it might have been nice for them to opt for a more private home base service.

It’s a relief, there’s no promise of a log policy, there’s not even any stored data to share and of course, a must-have security feature on my list is a kill switch with which all today’s providers are equipped.

This acts as a backup of Plan B, so if there is any instability with the VPN, it will disconnect you from your network making sure that your real connection is not exposed, as you can see when searching for the best VPN for PC, all these options offer excellent security measures, given that Norton VPN has some catching up to do regarding the audit of the no logs policy, however given that this company also has such a reputable antivirus, which I have reviewed many times.

The next important factor when looking for the best VPN to offer is speed, it doesn’t matter how secure a VPN is if it doesn’t include Fast browsing, the experience we are all looking for in general with most VPN services, the further the server is from your current location, the more the speed decreases if I am located in the United States for example, my local servers will probably offer the fastest connection with European servers, offering a close match.

But those located around the world, for example in Japan, can drop a little more, so I ran speed tests, from the five providers on five international servers, to see how fast they are in general, and how well they work on high-distance servers.

Nordvpn had some of the fastest speeds on all levels, followed very closely by surf shark, which performed almost identical, ExpressVPN ranked third was still very impressive rates, and cyber ghost was ahead, while Norton had the slowest performance of the group, it was still enough to go about my online tasks, without any lag.

But if they implemented a wired protection tunneling protocol, like all the others, I think there would be a great improvement, so we have established that security, and speed are essential, but I think it is safe to say that, the possibility of accessing geoblock streaming services is a big problem, when looking for the best VPN 2024.

Unfortunately, no tool is able to bypass all the obstacles that streaming platforms can place on VPNs.

Surf shark gave the best results because the application was able to easily access blocked content, by geolocation, on all the main streaming platforms.

Nordvpn came in second place with similar results, the other applications all managed to reach the main platforms, but when it came to more niches, I had to change servers or change settings before finally being able to access the shows I was looking for, I also noticed that sometimes the start of the show was of poor quality, but after a few minutes it would suddenly improve.

If you were wondering what other aspects are important, when you were wondering which is the best VPN for streaming, I would say to look at the number of servers, and the locations having an abundance of servers, means a decrease in the chances of overcrowding, plus the country options that you have to choose from translate into more international content, which you get.

Now that we have covered some of the most crucial components of these top VPN providers.

The next determining factor is which features are included, with each subscription for many people this category can really tip the scales when you make a final decision.

Because having certain features and certain tools can really make your online experience much more comfortable for beginners, the number of simultaneous device connections plays an important role in the value of each provider’s package.

If you are like me and you not only have a PC but also a laptop, tablet, work phone, and private phone, it is crucial to get coverage on all of them.

Because you can see that all VPNs today, offer decent device coverage with surf shark, even offering unlimited protection, and a way for providers to really improve their VPN game is by including a variety of specialized servers, that these custom options, are super convenient, because they can help with certain tasks such as doubling protection or obfuscation.

So which is the best VPN with specialized servers out of today’s group, I must definitely hand it over to nordvpn and surf shark, they offer a nice assortment of options while cyber ghost, expressvpn, and Norton, all lack in comparison of a feature, which all providers have in common, although split tunneling, is a great option when you want to filter the VPN, via specific sites or applications, while being able to also keep access to your local content.

Although some features are not necessarily essential, they certainly increase the value, and greatly improve my online experience, such as the ad blocking tool, which all VPNs today include, it keeps annoying ads away, while simultaneously preventing trackers from collecting my data on my online habits.

Surf shark, also has a unique new feature called Alternative ID that takes online anonymity to a different level with this you can basically generate a new cyber identity, as well as an email address so that your legitimate ones can stay hidden safely, it goes very well with their alert function, which also notifies users if their personal data has been breached, so you can see that the best VPN service options will always include many useful features and tools.

But another thing to keep in mind is that there may be differences between platforms, for example with Norton Mac Windows, and Android users will only have access to one tunneling protocol, plus features such as split tunneling, and the kill switch are not included surf shark, on the other hand has two different applications for Mac, which you can download from their website, and another directly from the App Store both lack the split tunneling functionality and the borderless mode.

As well as access to protocols depending on the application you choose, such as surf shark, nordvpn, also offers two different application options for Mac, but the protocols available vary for each one, plus the kill switch only works for specific applications.

Expressvpn only offers split tunneling on Mac 11 and later, so it is important to keep these factors in mind depending on the features, which are a priority for you and the device on which you will be using, mainly your application.

Now the last factor to take into account when choosing the best Virtual Private Network for you is the price among these providers, there are different plans that all have variable features, I find that the longer the plans are at the best value for money, because the price usually decreases the longer the subscription.

Norton is one of the cheapest packages, and you can customize the price per device according to your needs, The most affordable package from cyber GH is an ideal option, although the surf shark package is only a little more expensive and has many more features, included The 2-year package from NordVPN, is the cheapest option and even that comes with a complete security suite, and although ExpressVPN offers excellent protection, it is the most expensive of the lot and its longest package, is only 12 months.

Conclusion :

All the packages that I have just listed, always have an excellent price compared to the value, it is simply a matter of deciding which one best suits your cyber needs if this review has helped you choose your next VPN.

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