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StreamX X1 Pro Live TV VOD Android TV Box Review

StreamX X1 Pro Live TV VOD Android TV Box :

Version 1.0.0

Today I am reviewing the latest live TV model to hit the market under a new brand called StreamX.

This is the StreamX X1 Pro, designed to broadcast thousands of live TV channels, TV series and movies on video on demand.

In this model, I don’t expect the hardware to be very different, but the streaming service provided is what will mainly be the determining factor, to decide to buy this device. So next, we take a look at what’s in this new X1 Pro, its price and where it’s available for purchase.

When you purchase to get the contents of your standard TV box, including the box itself, you get a Bluetooth voice remote control, an HDMI cable, a DC 5V 2A power adapter, and a user manual. The box itself has a plastic shell, with the StreamX brand, on a shiny surface facing up, on the back to connect the ports, there is one HDMI 2.0 port, a gigabit LAN port, an optical audio, an AV port, an IR extension port, its DC input jack, and a pair of external antennas.

On the side, has a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, a microSD card reader and a reset button.

On the front it has an LED screen, and at its base has four non-slip rubber feet with ventilation holes.

So, his first start-up process includes a StreamX animation, followed by their disclaimer, about the contents and personal use of the box.

Then, you have a first start-up wizard to adjust your screen and connect to the Internet.

Then you have taken the launcher, you just need to run the first startup wizard, once during the first startup.

So, this new live TV launcher is called launcher 5X, and it has a slightly different design from the Superbox models, where its system shortcuts are positioned on the left rather than below the main icons, it has your main icons, to access its main features, and a shortcut bar at the bottom.

It runs on the Android 12 TV operating system, and in the about section it displays the construction information, its firmware with access to developer options.

So at a price of $279 and that’s after a $50 coupon, we often wonder why these boxes are so expensive, and yet they are not high-end hardware models.

The reason for the high price, is due to the live TV service, and video on demand that you can access, with this model.

Before going into details, please note that this ready-to-use device, does not come with any APK application store, live TV or video on demand applications pre-installed. You can easily access them, but due to the nature of these services, this will have to be a personal decision, for which you will assume full responsibility, before deciding to install, please read the disclaimer.

So, for demonstration purposes only, I have installed the live TV, video on demand and playback applications.

I tend to have a lot of fun with these boxes, because each brand has its unique name to identify the applications.

In this model, they chose to name their applications Echo, so we have Echo TV, echo VOD and Echo playback.

The Echo live TV application provides 1494 live TV channels, from the best networks such as news, sports, documentaries, regional locals, pay-per-view events, music and channels from Canada and Latin America.

The echo VOD application, provides a total of 14,455 movies, in different categories, and each movie has a thumbnail, with a note that I find very convenient to decide what to watch, you also have a total of 2953 TV series, in different categories that also have the same movie ranking on the thumbnails.

The Echo playback application records up to the last seven days of 85 of the most popular network channels.
It also comes with a favorites section, in which you can click and hold the ok button on any channel or movie to add it to your favorites.

For network channels, you get a display resolution of 720p and 1080p, and for VOD, you get 1080p, and in some 4K movies.

So, there are accounts for 90% of the cost of this box, and when you decide to buy, you should take into account the long-term savings that you will enjoy.

In terms of service, compared to the others, its interface and channels are very similar, if not identical to those of the Superbox service, so it is possible that they feed on the same servers.

You have its file browser, and this file browser also contains its default media player, with access to its built-in decoders.

You have a one-click cleanup button to free up its memory and other system resources.

You have an Internet speed test shortcut, a shortcut for easy uninstallation of applications, a shortcut to display the status of the Bluetooth connection to the remote control, a mapping button, to assign shortcuts to the numeric keys of the remote control, and a shortcut with QR codes for customer support.

For the display, you get up to 4K (2160p)@60 Hz, and that’s true 60 Hz as detected by my capture card.
It has an HDR screen with an automatic HDR function and the ability to disable HDR, it has built-in screen rotation options, but it doesn’t work when you try to switch to portrait mode.

It has automatic frame rate switching, and under format selection, it shows that you have HDR10 and HLG.

You don’t get Dolby Vision or HDR10+ Under audio formats, which indicates that it doesn’t have built-in surround audio decoders, but that it has an audio transmission option, which can work with media players with software decoding.

It has HDMI CEC options, and works to turn off your TV when you turn off the box and turn it back on from an off position.

And even if it shows that it has the Chromecast feature, and Google Assistant integrated, only the Google Assistant feature works.

It does, however, have mobile screen mirroring via Miracast.
For digital rights and root access, it has a low-level DRM, without digital rights to stream Netflix and others in HD and 4K. It only has the Widevine level, and no HDCP protection. And for root access, the root checker application shows that the firmware is rooted.

Now, a quick look at its system and hardware information.
The manufacturer of this chipset is Allwinner, it comes with 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, and 64 GB of internal storage, its Bluetooth version is 5.2., Its processor is the Allwinner H616 clocked at 1.5 GHz, configured in 32-bit mode.

Its GPU is the Mali G31 with Open GL 3.2 support. Its Wi-Fi six network adapter supports 2.4Ghz +5GHz Wi-Fi.

This is the Android version, from Android 12, Its Vulkan support API is version 1.1. it has an idle operating temperature of about 67°C.

And for audio and video decoders, it comes with video decoders for playing 4K HDR videos, but it does not have the AV1 decoder or any surround audio decoder.

And there you have his system and hardware information. If you open the Applications section, you will find a Miracast receiver application, which can stream your Android mobile phones in HD quality.

The Android TV version of YouTube plays up to a resolution of 1440p without HDR, the built-in media player only produced 4K 2160p with HDR, I didn’t get HLG, Dolby Vision, AV1 or HDR10 anymore.

Here’s a quick demo, it’s HDR10, this is what happens when you try to play an AV1 video. the Dolby Vision video is played in HDR10, Dolby Vision with Dolby Atmos creates a noise.

And the HLG video is played in HDR10, so it seems that the only format it can produce is HDR10.

Even if it lacks surround audio decoders, it has an audio relay.
Thus, when activated, applications such as MX player, Kodi and VLC, can produce these formats using software decoding.

When connected to my AV receiver, and it uses the default media player of the box, it produces Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital plus and DTS neural X.

It cannot produce Dolby surround, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master audio or DTS X.

So first there is Dolby Atmos, then Dolby Digital plus. DTS neural X. You get neural X when playing both DTS HD master audio and DTS X videos.

The box comes with the Mali G31 GPU, but its graphics performance is that of the Mali T720.

In comparison with other cases that use the Mali G31, its GPU rendering performance under the Alwinner chipset lacks details.

In addition, Android games will suffer a limitation because it is a processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, to avoid overheating.

His Wi-Fi 6 LAN speed test, and Ethernet reveals that its LAN port, is a gigabit LAN port, and that it has reached the maximum speed of my Internet bandwidth.

Its 5 GHz band could only reach 104 Mbps, and its 2.4 GHz band 33 Mbps, these are the results of its RAM copy, and its internal storage read and write speeds, these are the scores of the Geekbench 5 CPU benchmark, single-core and multi-core.

It has a low fps of .75, so I updated the scores on my graph, and it is not surprising that it is not a high-performance chipset rated 114, based on its Antutu benchmark score with a rating of 2/5 stars.

The box was mainly designed to broadcast their live TV and video on demand service and that’s the only thing it’s good for.

Conclusion :

In summary, The high price of this box has nothing to do with its hardware, in fact, the Allwinner chipset is probably the cheapest on the market.

What you’re paying for is basically their live TV and video on demand service, or the long-term savings from one of these units.

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