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Buying Crypto in 2024 – Should you WAIT Until After the Crash?


Buying Crypto in 2024 :

Bitcoin just broke $60,000 for the first time in over 2 years, in fact, the last time Bitcoin traded at these levels was in November 2021, shortly after reaching its all-time high.

With Bitcoin at the $60,000 level today compared to bitcoin at the $60,000 level near all-time highs, this time something has changed if we are confident that it will continue this time, which is different.

Now compared to years ago historically, the way it has evolved is that net new buyers are driving, more adoption, and market cycles, and I think the question of who are the net new buyers in this cycle.

And the net new buyers are the global financial system, which is a very large group of net new buyers.

The Bitcoin ETF is just an initial offering, which allows the global financial system to essentially have investment rails, payment rails, ways to put capital into the cryptocurrency, and into Bitcoin in structures that they find comfortable for them, and normal and something that they can do from a risk point of view.

So I think if you look at the New Total net Market, which is opening up through things like ETFs and you do the basic arithmetic on that, even in some conservative estimates, you can see that there is still a lot more value, which can come in not only in Bitcoin ETFs.

But also in other cryptocurrency ETFs and in my opinion, this is really just the beginning, because then the next step is asset tokenization, where banks see all these inflows into ETFs.

Then they create assets to compete with ETFs, or to get some of that capital, so that the largest asset manager in the world continues, to aggressively buy Bitcoin Black Rock.

Bitcoin ETF, breaks record inflows and volumes holdings exceed, now 141,000 Bitcoins and they are not stopping in fact, this is the second consecutive record day with more than 1.3 billion transaction volumes, and black rock is not the only issuer of Bitcoin ETFs.

In fact, the nine Bitcoin spot ETFs are seeing, over $2 billion in volume, for the second day in a row.

I would say that this is a decisive moment when the best asset managers in the world, the largest asset manager many other large asset managers, have reached a level of comfort with the asset and the legal dynamics, around the asset that they are ready to offer financial products, very structured.

This is definitely a decisive moment that if you were talking to people about 5 years ago, even I think they would have very serious doubts about this possibility and that this decisive moment, is basically a way for a very large market to access cryptocurrency and the size of this market.

I think, is not fully understood by even you know the average consumer, or even some of the other institutions, I think it’s really a pretty massive market.

How important this moment is and how crypto doesn’t stop where banks are essentially going to do another wave of securitization.

But now it’s going to be called, tokenization and the huge amount of things that can be symbolized range from their main activity as money market funds, carrying interest-bearing assets to more avant-garde things like the tokenization of credits, private equity real estate.

So really, I think that the offer of already existing cryptocurrency products in a legally compliant format, meets the current demand of customers because they understand what cryptocurrency is.

And the next step is not for asset managers, and banks to simply repackage existing cryptocurrencies, but to create their own tokens.

While Bitcoin is now operating in a bull market, altcoins are next and the enemies in the general is incredulous, it’s depressing, I don’t want what Bitcoin has ever done.

Are you still the owner of a Bitcoin phone watch, I mean what is going well United hear is apparently, and altcoins the altcoin market capitalization, is still lagging behind this is usually what happens when the force is surrounded by Bitcoin alone.

But once Bitcoin stabilizes, it seems likely that there will be a 2x potential on altcoins to come.

In the next wave of cryptography, because in recent quarters the increasing activity of Solana on the channel indicates a strong underlying demand for soul tokens, obviously the price could do everything, but with the increase in the fundamentals of the channel, the fundamentals of Solana, well support the bullish predictions of the tvl alone, is on an uptrend the most we have seen since the beginning, at the end of 2022.

When the naked market started and looking at the use of Solana’s network, the average daily payers of the network during the fourth quarter of 2023, jumped by 103% during the same period.

Its average daily bridges Rosé volume almost 1,000%, also with a 39% increase in the average daily volume of new nft.

Today in the ethereum L2 ecosystem, Cody announced his development fund as well as his growth fund.

As a reminder, Cody V2 powered by distorted circuits introduces a privacy solution 1,000 times faster, and 250 times lighter that can be used on any device, so they also aim to be the dominant eth l.

The Cody Foundation will strengthen the growth of the Cod ecosystem, using its important development fund.

The first step will start with the next devnet developer network to be launched at the beginning of the second quarter, this year in order to encourage developers to come to Cody and with their next grant program will allow developers to experiment, and build with the technology and be rewarded for their contributions and again.

They use the same programming language as ethereum, using the familiar language of solidity smart contracts.

Developers can bring privacy to existing applications or innovate by creating new use cases for the ecosystem.

Conclusion :

No one can see the future, Bitcoin has already crashed to $3,000 compared to 63,000 where it hit earlier, and of course we have seen accidents along the way dollar cost averaging is always the best solution.

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