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Zenmate VPN Review 2024: It’s Cheap, But Is It Good & Safe?

Zenmate VPN :


Today we are going to take a look, at zenmate, which is one of the most popular VPNs, we are going to take a look at the privacy policy, streaming and torrent capabilities, as well as security and features.

Now, zenmate is based in Germany, which is not perfect, the country is part of the 14 eyes surveillance alliance, and a member of the European Union, all this can be problematic if you are looking for privacy and anonymity.

The service itself does not promise any logs, but the privacy policy seems to contradict each other, they stipulate that the data controller, will only process and store the personal data of the data subject, for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of storage, and they say that these personal data will not be passed on to third parties.

So they admit to collecting a lot of information, about website visits and even using tracking pixels, and newsletters, this is not something you want to find in the terms of use, at least from a privacy point of view.

And they have never been the subject of independent audits, so there is no report to somehow prove, that they do not collect any information that can be related to the user.

So all you can do is take their word for it and their word for it, it seems that yes, they are collecting quite a bit of information, and they are just promising you.

We will not share them, so you will have to trust us, this is not exactly the kind of logging policy that I usually want to see, when it comes to the privacy policy of a vpn.

So let’s go to speed just to give you a little test, my speed without vpn I am located near the European region, beirut so 5.71 megabits per second, not the best speed so when I connected to the betting server I had 44.4 megabits per second, which is about a 20% speed drop.

It’s a bit the same with the London server, unfortunately when I connected to the netflix server, trying to unblock netflix, with the states, the one in Chicago the one I’m connected to right now, unfortunately I had a drop of almost 50%, in speed, is it 50 yeah it’s a little over 50.

Actually not good at all, so with the servers nearby it goes well it goes quite well, obviously not as well as some of the best VPNs, like expressvpn nord or surfshark, but it’s still quite good, but with servers far away from servers that are much further away.

As on other continents, and such unfortunately it takes more than 40 to 50% down, so yes it’s not looking very good.

I mean you can still stream, and speaking of streaming, I was able to unblock netflix pretty awesome, netflix, amazon prime on the hbo max channel at disney plus and bbc iplayer.

However, if you connect to Disney plus, or to any type of American service, or if you try to stream, from a service located on another continent, you may experience buffering.

So you will just have to deal with it, but quite impressively, I mean for such an economical vpn, you can know, unblocking all services is pretty good and for the torrent zenmate allows the torrent, there is really no problem with that, not at all and when tested for dns leaks, there was nothing extraordinary.

So nothing indicated, as far as security is concerned, zenmay, boasts of the standard 256-bit encryption, you have more than 4,000 servers in 80 countries, so a very good variety of servers as far as security and functionality are concerned.

You don’t really have a lot of them and of course you will notice that if you are familiar with cyberghost, you will notice that the user interface is exactly the same as cyberghost, which is very interesting.

To say the least, they haven’t really made any effort to change it, because of course it belongs to the same company and again with the security features, you don’t really have any features.

Protocol cable guards, for example, all you have is openvpn and ikev2.

In my experience, I found openvpn to be a bit faster, although ikv2 should be the fastest, but of course you have dns and IPv6 leak protection, and you have a kill switch, which you can’t actually disable.

So yeah, keep that in mind of course, the kill switch works pretty well, but you just can’t turn it off, so if the vpn disconnects unexpectedly, you’ll lose the connection, and yes it’s a good feature overall, it’s a good security feature to have, but you expect that to have the option, to turn off if they give you an on/off toggle.

But you can’t really disable it in the same way that it works in cyber ghost, you can connect this vpn with a single subscription, you will be able to secure practically, an unlimited number of devices so and it is compatible with almost everything really.

You should be able to download it, and on almost any device you can think of, including smart TVs, and browser extensions, and you get by passing a seven-day free trial, if you want to try the service, you get a full trial, so not bad at all.

If you want to go for the budget deal, it’s really cheap actually, I mean you pay $60, about $60 for three years, which is pretty impressive, I mean if you’re just looking for a vpn with peer-to-peer support, you can torrent you’re able to stream you might not get the best speeds.

Definitely not the best choice for gaming or high-speed streaming, but I mean you get what you pay for, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, on all plans.

So it’s not bad at all, I mean if you want, you can go ahead and try the service room, for a month and if you don’t like it, you can get a refund with live chat support.

Conclusion :

It’s a cheap vpn that’s just supposed to do the job, it’s supposed to cater to casual users, so it’s a pretty decent vpn, I would say with a dubious privacy policy.

But if you are looking for VPNs, which get very good results in all categories, whether in terms of political security performance, privacy independent audits, speed up everything really when it comes to streaming and torrent capabilities.

If you wanted a budget vpn, they include a budget vpn, so it will be expressvpn, northvpn and surf shark.

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