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5 Crypto Coins That Could Double Your Money in 2024 :

5 Crypto Coins That Could Double Your Money :

Today I want to share with you five different cryptocurrencies that I think have huge potential for 2024, keep in mind that I am not a financial advisor, and I cannot see the future and because Bitcoin is the engine of the market if BTC crashes, it tends to bring down the entire market, so just understand the risk before investing.

But with Bitcoin taking place next year in 2024, which tends to have huge implications for the price as well as the candidates for the US presidency.

Bitcoin :


Now more than ever, officially supporting the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and next year’s presidential election, my campaign accepts the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the number five coin on today’s list is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, because it is no longer just Robert Kennedy Jr, it is also the US presidential candidate Francis Suarez he is the mayor of Miami, the race allows contributions to crypto campaigns, which equip pretty much.

You know like the equivalent of an American dollar so, but of course I worded Bitcoin not a dollar. So I think it’s a decisive moment for the country, to have a candidate who receives his public sector salary paid in Bitcoin, and has actually borrowed money, against this Bitcoin account.

Creating more utility for Bitcoin, and showing that it is an asset that has value, that has utility, and that is you know that it is a process, of technology development, it will create opportunities for democratization, for wealth creation and are not manipulated, by human beings.

You know, different motivations, upcoming political goals.

Cardano :


And number four cardano, now cardano is a Dap platform, which means that developers can rely on it to create decentralized applications, think of it as one of the main competitors of ethereum only with cardano, being much more scalable and just looking at the numbers.

The average daily dap transactions of cardano, have increased for the third consecutive quarter reaching, now more than 57,000 transactions per day, cardano the Corridor network quarter after quarter against itself.

We see the growth, and against ethereum as far as development activity is concerned, when we compare cardano’s development activity to the ethereum GitHub repository.

Cardano boasts of three times the development activity, and we can see a clear difference.

But why is the price still so low unfortunately, eight cents out of 30 is better than three, it’s all about money with you, you magically believe, that you reach a certain price and that everything in life becomes great, everything is amazing and you wonder what it’s for, you know that it’s an ecosystem that gives decentralized governance to the masses.

A voice specification to people, an economic agency and an identity to people, it gives people a safe place, where they can do business commercially without fear of censorship and de-platforming, and also honesty when you download something, what you see is what you get.

It’s transparent and you’re going to compress it all into a number because you go in and out, the number goes up, you go out and then you think like magic your life is going to be great, your life would be great if you lived in a dictatorship, would your life be great? great if at some point your bank account could be closed, would your life be great, if you could be fired for your job.

So you have lived the reality right now for billions of people, especially the Chinese who live, now under the People’s Bank of China deploying the digital Yuan with social credit connected to it, tell me how magical it is to be Jack ma, right now 20 plus billion dollars.

Ethereum :


Number three is ethereum, and the reason for this is because of a small upgrade called EIP, ethereum Improvement proposal 4337, this is the biggest thing that has happened to ethereum since EIP 1559 was introduced with eip1559, a bit of ethereum was burned.

Now with each transaction, which means that the more activity there is on the network, the more eth would be burned from the network to date, 3.5 million ethereum have been burned approximately around 6.$5 billion is two years after the introduction of Ethereum’s EIP 1559.

What the EIP 1559 did for the eths tokenomics, this proposal to improve Ethereum is just as important for the adoption, for the user interface ux.

This upgrade is also known as account abstraction, and to explain how important it is, here is one of the biconomy executives talking to eth Global Paris about the problems that account abstraction solves.
But how can we actually improve web 3, user experience revenues account abstraction eip437, on my shirt, if I were to try to bring, using a D5 protocol, she would do it I have no idea what to do, she would have no idea how to get into a wallet, go to an exchange, get funds, transfer them to the eoa, then leave and finally, at this point, start interacting with adapt.

And this is the exact set of steps that every person who is not a native of web3, must follow even before actually using your dap, if you are trying to get users to understand the application, which is probably something you should do if you are building something.

Ask users to do this as easily as possible, which improves the user interface ux of the crypto and just to get a basic definition of what account abstraction is, you can define it as the possibility of adding arbitrary logic to the validation process of a transaction.

The main thing you want to ask yourself is how do I authenticate a transaction, what additional logic I want to add on top of it it’s kind of like the most basic way of thinking about account attraction, just taking a transaction and figuring out what you can add.

On the other hand, before validating or letting it pass, let me explain this to you even more simply it can transform an ordinary crypto wallet into smart crypto wallets, which means more personalized challenge experience with custom logic that you program, control yourself and how will it affect you.

Here are the four different use cases, which will absolutely change the game to challenge the authorized controls of the number one use case, what Ethereum now has here will be the improvement, but for now, a private key grants full control over everything.

So very limited and also if you lose access to this private key, you are screwed with the account abstraction, the user can define a list of multi-level authorization levels, for example, require that three out of five signatories approve a transaction.

So, you can have your master key, but you can also grant access to the tutor’s keys, users can add tutors to their wallet, as a protection mechanism, for example, if you lose your key, you can have maybe four of the five tutors have to get together for you.

Giving access again, I’ve heard this described as the forgotten password feature which we don’t really challenge, we now have something of a decentralized version of it.

Use case number two batch transactions this is huge because right now, each individual action in your wallet requires a separate signature.

So batch processing, transactions together will make D5 much more transparent, and will also solve the problem of gas fees, because right now with ethereum, for example, to do everything you need, you must already have a little eth in your wallet to pay for gas batch transactions.

Allows you to pay these gas fees, with these other tokens in a transparent way, they will transfer it to eth to manage the gas fees, under the hood without the user having to deal with the number three use case of account recovery, because right now a loss or exposure of a private key means a total loss of control over your wallet with this.

The average person may be someone’s grandmother, for example, they don’t necessarily have to worry about the private key, you can access your wallet with your unique fingerprint or your unique face ID, again what eip1559, did for the eths eip4337 tokenomics will be huge for the UI ux, and will bring the adoption of average people to D5.

That’s why ethereum is doing our lesson number three and biconomy today.

Biconomy :


Made our list number two with biconomy users can create transparent applications, with account abstraction powered by dichotomy’s SDK, so this is a complete toolkit to take advantage of account abstraction, you probably don’t want to code all these contracts yourself build all these Services yourself, so we offer you a solution in the form of the SDK, dichotomy it makes Ethereum accessible to everyone and comes first in the avalanches.

Avalanche :


The use of the Avalanche blockchain has increased in the second quarter, the Avalanche chain has seen daily active addresses in transaction volume, to important measures to assess the health of a blockchain has increased significantly during this period.

So in the last three months, the daily transactions on the avalanche C-chain, which is an implementation of the ethereum virtual machine, so it is compatible with eth.

Avalanche eth has gone from about two hundred thousand to just under 500,000, so more than doubled and with regard to construction, from whom we can turn to the Avalanche Vista program, and see how this initiative is about to support a wide range of different assets.

Avalanche Vista as you mentioned is a program that was launched by the Avalanche Foundation, where the idea would be to allocate up to $50 million over a strategic period of time, and in a similar longer term to buy um tokenized assets, which are tokenized on Avalanche.

These assets could and will cover the spectrum in terms of type of assets, as well as um you know type of liquidity as well as type of maturity um.

Conclusion :

So I think everything will be taken into account, from stablecoins to Commodities, including other financial assets, Real Estate Credit infrastructures.

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