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VSeeBox V3 Pro Live TV Android TV Box – New Amlogic Hardware

VSeeBox V3 Pro :


Today’s model is a brand new version of Vseebox, and this is their latest live TV model called V3 pro.

This model Vseebox, unlike previous models, uses Amlogic hardware with better performance, better storage, not to mention their signature live TV service.

So, we’re going to take a look at the live TV, its new Amlogic hardware, its firmware features, I’m going to test its media playback, and its gaming performance.

And I’m going to run some performance benchmarks to see where it ranks on my chart.

The new VSeeBox V3 Pro Live TV Android TV Box – New Amlogic Hardware V3 Pro model itself, they have provided a Bluetooth voice remote control, a long HDMI cable, a DC 5V 2A power supply, and of course, your user manual.

So, its body is made of plastic, and I am glad to see that it is a new case design, because we have seen many manufacturers, reuse the same case over the last two years.

On the back for I/O, you get an HDMI 2.1 port, a non-gigabit Ethernet LAN port, a USB 3.0 port, another USB 2.0, a microSD card reader, an AV port and its DC input jack.

At its front has an LCD screen, and at its base has four rubber feet without ventilation holes. Thus, its first start includes the pairing of the Bluetooth remote control, once this is done, you have a first start wizard.

So this is the Vseebox launcher, and it runs on Android TV OS, if you head to the about section, it shows you that the operating system is Android 11 TV OS, and its firmware build information. So back to the launcher because it works on Android TV OS, it has no navigation bar or status bar, this launcher does not have a designated Applications section and instead lists all the installed applications on the top row, however you have the option to rearrange them for easy access.

If you need a designated application section, you can install the side loading launcher from the Play Store, the middle row consists of your recommended applications, and these are your live TV and video on demand applications.

Display resolution of 94 Hz. It has an HDR display with adaptive HDR function. It has up to 12 bits of color space. It has a functional HDMI CEC function. It has power button options.

You can create custom shortcuts to applications using the colored keys on the remote control. The ability to turn surround sound on or off. And it has Google Assistant functionality. For the system and the hardware, the manufacturer is Droidlogic and it runs on 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 64 GB of internal storage with Bluetooth 5.0.

Its processor is the Amlogic S905Y4 processor, a quad-core cortex A35 model clocked at 2.0 GHz configured in 32-bit mode. Its GPU is the Mali G31 with medium performance with Open GL 3.2. It provides a dual band 2.

Wi-Fi 4 GHz + 5 GHz. It runs on the Android 11 TV operating system and it is not rooted. It has version 1.1 of the Vulkan GPU support API. Its thermal sensor is deactivated.

It comes with video decoders such as HEVC, AV1 and VP9 according to. For surround audio, it comes with Dolby Atmos EAC3 and DTS HD.

There are no Dolby Vision decoders. During this video, I was asked for a firmware update, which is always a good sign for user support. So I will finish this update and continue.

So the firmware has been successfully updated and let’s take a look at its digital rights management. For the rights to digital movies, it comes with Widevine level one with HDCP 2.3 protection.

With this level of protection, you can watch popular movie streaming services in HD quality. With this level of DRM and HDCP 2.

It does not have a Netflix ESN license, with your HD subscription, you can install the latest modified HDR version via APK, and watch movies in HDR quality.
To watch YouTube videos, you get up to 4K 2160p, with HDR on the default Android TV version of YouTube.

For mobile screen mirroring, it comes with the official version of Miracast and Google Assist, however, I could not get any of these to work, so I had to use the Airscreen application.

Let’s take a look at its 4K HDR AV1 video playback capability, so this is an HDR10 AV1 video, which triggers the HDR function, and plays smoothly, and this uses the built-in movie player.

Then comes a Dolby Vision video, and seeing that it has no Dolby Vision decoders, it is played as an HLG video, then comes an encoded Dolby Vision video, with Dolby Atmos audio, and it is played in HDR10 with Atmos, then comes an HDR10 Plus video, and it plays smoothly, and here is another HLG.

So the box has full AV1 4K HDR video playback capabilities, for surround audio, when connected to my 7.1 AV receiver, it was able to process some of the main surround sound audio formats.

Let’s take a look, for Dolby audio, you get Dolby Atmos, you get Dolby Digital plus, and Dolby surround.
You don’t get Dolby TrueHD, for DTS audio you only get DTS virtual X, you don’t get DTS HD or DTS X master audio.

The game on this box is average, and you can enjoy decent gameplay with medium to high graphics settings, if you are interested in CoreELEC, you can install it using the Arch 64 version, in their NE directory, and using the DTB S905W2 4GB, it can be installed via SD card or USB stick.

now, First the speeds of its RAM and internal storage, it has a RAM transfer speed of 3638 MB / s.
Its internal storage has a read speed of 151 MB / s and a write speed of 104 MB / s. Its Wi-Fi and LAN speeds on my 315 Mbps network, using a Wi-Fi 6 AX router, its 5 GHz band has reached the maximum speed of my network.

The 4 GHz band also worked very well, reaching 205 Mbps, however, its LAN port is not a gigabit LAN port, so it only reached 94 Mbps.

During the comparative analysis of the single-core and multi-core performance of its processor, the Geekbench 5 processor benchmark test recorded a score of 112 single-core, and 374 multi-core.

During the comparative analysis of its GPU, it had a dismal model performance recording a 3DMark wildlife test, of 190 with an average fps of 1.1.

And for the placement in the ranking charts, I ran Antutu’s full benchmark, and it recorded a score of 91,312, so I updated my ranking table with the V3 Pro, and it currently ranks at position 44 with a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Conclusion :

In summary, Vseebox is quickly becoming one of the most popular live TV boxes, according to the analyzes received from purchase data, and customer support.

For this reason, Vseebox have decided to upgrade the hardware to Amlogic, offering faster performance and reduced buffering while watching your streams.

You can do a lot of things on this box, compared to the previous model, and it is also one of the models, the cheapest running on Amlogic hardware.

So I am quite comfortable recommending this model, for purchase as one of the best that comes with live broadcast channels.

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