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Norton vs Bitdefender vs McAfee | BEST ANTIVIRUS for Windows 11

Norton vs Bitdefender vs McAfee :

Three best reliable antiviruses for Windows 11 or 10 options, but which one should you choose? Now, today I thought we could do a quick review of each option, sharing the latest test results, and see who is the best at what is good.

Bitdefender :


Bitdefender is good for Windows 11, I would say that bitdefender has one of the best prices at value ratios, especially since their cheapest price, the plan is only for Windows users, and bitdefender is still considered one of the best options, according to independent testers getting the best ratings and protection, as well as in terms of usability and performance, but yes, I have also done my own tests.

I ran a full scan and good news, bitdefender managed to catch nine of the 10 threads, and if you keep the real-time protection, it should get a score, almost perfect for protection, the full scan took about 17 minutes, and had an incredibly low impact on my processor.

So, these tests and the results really made a point.
Bitdefender in addition to excellent protection rates, this antivirus contains many other features, while remaining easy to use in one way or another.

The only drawback is that the installation can be a little long, but once you have completed the configuration, everything is quick and painless.

Now in the application, in addition to the analysis options, and real-time protection is also a firewall, which to put it simply, acts as a guard for your PC, blocking any unauthorized access.

For me, this is an essential feature, which unfortunately not all providers have. Now there is also a VPN but with a disappointing data limit, of 200 megabytes per day, and doesn’t exactly allow you to do anything other than test it to see if it’s something you could use.

I guess, but I can enable webcam and microphone protection, while using their system optimization tools to clean my device, which is positive, but most of these features are more expensive plans, if you don’t need an extra security boost, the cheapest Bitdefender for Windows plan will keep your device protected there is no firewall with this option.

So, I would actually opt for the total security plan, covers everything I need, and the price is very reasonable moreover, I can protect five devices with this plan.

Now for those of you who only want basic protection, there is also a free plan, but I would call it more of a trial given, all the annoying limitations, that you are going to encounter anyway, you can see why it continues to be a strong player, in the audiovisual community, not only is it easy to use.

But it has an excellent value for money for each plan, you just have to choose the plan that will suit you best.

Norton :


Norton is good for Windows 11, but you have to know what you are getting into, in my opinion Norton is better suited for you, more advanced users, thanks to all its more customizable options, when it comes to protection, Norton has excellent independent test scores, just like bitdefender.

So I assumed, that with my own tests for this Norton vs bitdefender match, we would see similar results, looking only at the full analysis capabilities.

Norton actually caught less than 8 out of 10 malicious files, that says their real-time protection, caught all 10 of them instantly.

So I would say that this antivirus, is always a solid option, just keep in mind that the full scan has often exhausted my processor, so I recommend that you leave your PC alone during the full scan.

But I guess it doesn’t really take that long, my analysis lasted about 10 minutes.

Now, looking at the application itself, I have a warning for beginners because each feature opens in a new pop-up window, it can get a little confusing to say the least, but, if it’s not a big problem for you and you can work around it then.

Norton, is still an impressive best antivirus candidate for PC, I mean come on, there is a unique two-way firewall, which monitors your traffic with a lot of room for customization, it is one of the implementations, the most versatile that I have tried.

So advanced users, will definitely not be disappointed, I also like that Norton has a cloud backup for my important files, there is a VPN in there that didn’t surprise me, I kind of knew it was already there, but even better, it’s not a simple basic either.

Which is still a good deal for advanced users, we can even use the split tunneling feature, to choose which specific applications, use VPN connections, and which do not, and there is even an ad blocker.

Now I noticed a problem the cheapest Norton plan for Windows, only protects one device, but it includes a lot of things from the backup plan, from two gigabytes to a password manager, but their VPN only comes with the most expensive plans.

So yes, if you invest more, you will see more advanced features, but the cheapest plan, is always a great starting point for any type of user, it’s a real shame that there is no free plan, just a free trial.

McAfee :


Okay why don’t we take a look at another antivirus, McAfee is good for Windows 11.

From what I’ve seen, I would say that this option is really one of the antiviruses, the most user-friendly on the market, which is especially ideal for beginners more on that later in fact.
Let’s go ahead, first and let’s check to what extent McAfee will protect you as with the other two best antiviruses for Windows 11, and 10.

McAfee also has perfect scores, according to independent AV testers, but in my own tests, neither Bit Defender vs McAfee nor the Norton vs McAfee comparison seems fair, McAfee only caught six of the 10 malicious files I planted, although real-time protection should take care of that.

The McAfee antivirus, is undoubtedly easy to use, the interface is clean and clear, even the complicated features like the firewall are quite easy to navigate, but no, it’s not as advanced when you put it in a comparison.

McAfee compared to Norton, but something unique is that their browser extension, is installed automatically, and while I was testing it, it protected me from malware and phishing attempts, without hindering the performance of my browser.

There are more useful features, such as the file shredder, which can permanently delete all the files you need, but unfortunately there is no free version for Windows, only for mobile applications, more compared to the other best antivirus options for Windows 11.

McAfee has the highest price, but the cheapest plan covers a lot more than you would expect.

Including a VPN and an easy-to-understand password manager, so if you want a user-friendly application with a lot of features, McAfee is a solid choice.

Conclusion :

Now to quickly summarize all this, I would suggest this defender for those who are looking for maximum value and hey, it turns out that it is also a solid choice for beginners.

Norton Antivirus is going to be your choice for advanced users, and McAfee is going to suit those looking for a clear and intuitive application with many features.

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