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Norton VPN review 2024 | Best VPN and best antivirus option?

Norton VPN :


There is no denying that norton is one of the best companies on the market for cybersecurity-related software, but it’s actually not that often that their vpn is the one that takes center stage and I mean there are many different vpn plans to choose from.

In fact, there are even two different ones from norton themselves, the only vpn that comes with their antivirus and the other standalone, so maybe we should start with which norton VPN should we choose.

Norton has been around for decades in the cybersecurity game and they haven’t had a second of fun either, I mean they have released product after product that has just knocked it out of the park and their antivirus is super reliable with the best malware protection in its class.

A multitude of features and even nice little bonuses that you know like parental controls, but is there norton secure vpn a good match fortunately, we don’t really need to ask if nortonvpn is good or not, it’s really more of one if you get the antivirus and the vpn bundled together, or is the norton secure vpn standalone version the best that has the most value for money which suits your specific needs.

Let’s start by simply talking about this vpn in general norton has maintained its services to the standard, it is always very good in terms of securing the connection, the user experience is super simple and efficient while maintaining its fast speeds, it also allows you to unblock certain streaming sites from around the world and secure your activity, provide adequate tunneling protocols keep advertising trackers away from your devices and with their political absence of logs.

They don’t even want to steal your data for themselves all this at a great price too Norton plans currently start at about two dollars and fifty cents a month, and they go up to about ten dollars a month depending on the features you need and the number of users and devices you want to add.

The price also depends on whether you get the antivirus and vpn combo or the vpn for PC alone.

Now let’s review nortonvpn in a little more detail the first thing everyone wants to know is how much this vpn will slow down my overall browsing experience.

Nortonvpn is actually quite fast not only that, but when I was running my test I noticed that there was really no noticeable speed drop other than when I had to connect to particular places like Poland or India, location and distance from the server are always taken into account here and I must say that torrenting is a bit mixed here neither fast nor stable, although in terms of performance and general browsing, there has been no speed drop in this case when it comes to unblocking streaming sites while nortonvpn works perfectly to unblock hbo and bbc iplayer content.

But it has not really done too much for the big platforms like hulu although it is important to note that this is more of a problem at the ends of the platform, as they are the ones who are constantly upgrading their infrastructure to ensure that VPNs cannot get through, but some more dedicated options can exceed these blocks, you know that it is a protection.

So to start with, you have access to servers in 30 locations around the world, a great advantage here is that it will automatically connect you to the best vpn server that will be the fastest for your computer, current location in this way, everything goes very well with the vpn, you have access to secure browsing an impeccable ad blocker wi-fi security split tunneling and even a kill switch for those little emergencies, the entire program is designed to create a secure browsing experience for you while you are online, making it arguably one of the best VPNs for PCs on the market today.

Now that we have established the why, the way to get norton vpn, there are basically two ways to use the vpn, one is to get the vpn and antivirus bundle together and the other is fine just by getting the standalone norton VPN with the antivirus plus vpn bundle, you get the best of both worlds remember that a vpn will not directly help you avoid malware and advanced threats.

So merging these two tools is a great way to protect all your devices and stay anonymous online with this, you will also have the amazing antivirus features such as real-time protection, a firewall, a password manager and much more, you get the vpn, but the number of devices you cover will also depend on the overall antivirus plan you choose.

An antivirus plan that works on a single device, you will only have the vpn on said device if you want more assistance, you will like the standalone option much better because it will not interfere with your existing antivirus software.

Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t really make a final decision without knowing the actual costs, can you agree, so the norton antivirus plus vpn plan starts with the standard norton plan at just under forty dollars a year currently, with it you can only protect one computer, be it a PC or a mac, yes is a little steeper than their entry-level antivirus plan, but remember that it includes a full antivirus and an excellent vpn, so its price is actually for two programs in one, but that’s also the great thing since norton also allows its users to get only the vpn for the standalone VPN.

There are three pricing levels for protection on a single device the plan starts at :

only 29.99 per year simultaneous protection of five devices is 39.99 per year and 10 devices at 59.99 per year in a competitively priced vpn market, I wouldn’t say that their entry-level price is really that high, but it really depends on why you use a VPN.

Conclusion :

Now to summarize all this, norton has been one of the best antivirus providers for decades and they have also done a great job with their vpn.

the price difference really only applies to the devices you are going to use, the main vpn remains the same everywhere in my opinion, you get the best value for money with the antivirus plus vpn plans, the best plans being the 5 and 10 device versions, this is because the price of the combo and the vpn is quite similar.

So why not get more for your money, but if you don’t need an antivirus and a vpn separately, you can choose one of the other levels and they will work just as well, so it totally depends on your specific needs.

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