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How I Would Invest $1,000 in Crypto in 2024| Best Altcoin Buys in June


How I Would Invest $1,000 in Crypto :

The question that everyone is concerned about now is how high Bitcoin will go in this bull market, this is how I would invest $11,000 in cryptocurrency.

If i invested $1,000 in crypto today, my first 500 would be directly in Bitcoin if people started switching to 1% of their wallet institutions 1% not 10 just one, there is not much supply in Bitcoin or ethereum, and so there is a chance that you will really get a parabolic move for the very first time in the history of bitcoin starting in January this year.

Bitcoin finally has regulatory clarity that has come with the approval of the US SEC of Bitcoin spot ETFs, we have just learned from the SEC that a wave of Bitcoin ETFs have now been approved, Black Rock bitwise Fidelity, Invesco, is now accumulating aggressively and then selling to its customers the invesco sales force, Black Rock, Salesforce, Kathy Wood, Fidelity, all sell Bitcoins.

Bitcoin has always been an instrument that is sold and not bought, only 21 million Bitcoins will ever exist, and ETFs now hold almost a million, it’s just a recognized macro asset and it’s a huge psychological change and of course the 13f SEC filings for the first quarter of this year have just been released.

This shows that almost a thousand large institutions have bought Bitcoin but what is interesting to note is that you know that you have almost a thousand 13f deposits, for institutional investors who have invested in ETFs about 11 billion capital, and what is interesting looking at the exposure to Bitcoin ETFs so far for the top 25, hedge funds for every hedge fund bought, there are still two to three others that still do not have it.

I would look at some of the other coins for it to be ethereum, an ethereum and solana or specifically for how I would invest $1000 in crypto.

Today l1 and ethereum infrastructure and salana are probably the two that you could buy this cycle, because they will be the ones that the new financial systems built on top of decentralized finance have heard about defi, they are the two that are really in mind for the construction of this and I am passionate about this need for l1 to be a substantial part of my portfolio because no matter what aspect of the crypto does instead end, no matter the NFTs among the thousands available, no matter the coins in defi, no matter the l2, it doesn’t matter what the game pieces are or what the dex do with them at the end.

The value is acre on these l1s, and this is something very different from what we saw in the Internet age in 1999, you couldn’t invest in the underlying protocol, all the value was right at the top, absolutely the Amazon anyway, but you couldn’t invest in this base code with l1s, you can do it, so Ethereum would definitely take 5% of that 20% eth is really the settlement layer.

I think that a large part of the financial services sector will rely on it because it is considered the safe bet, it is like using Salesforce for your CRM and other stuff, it is like using AWS correctly, it is the thing for which you are not getting fired at the moment, we are seeing where people are choosing by using where the capital goes that chains ethereum widely in the lead in terms of stable coins, and just tokens obviously Solana.

Did the jewel of the cycle of this cycle probably put 5% in that out of the 20% and in fact we have 10% left of the segment and I want to talk about the infrastructure chain link works with all the l1s, they are decentralized oracles to bring real information about the blockchain they work with Swift, which really manages the global payment infrastructure and also the dtcc, which means the deposit trust and the clear incorporation which is really an infrastructure for the US financial market.

Chain links products are starting to be used by the traditional financial system today, the ccip is now becoming a kind of Global Standard, Open Source allowing all these banks and asset managers to interact with each other, so I chose ethereum, I chose Solana simply because it is clearly the jewel of this cycle and I chose chain link for the infrastructure that I have 5% left, and for me what I’m looking at I like cardano for their community I like your corner this cycle, because they are integrated with telegram.

It’s been a huge SL adoption distribution since the beginning, then honestly, I like the protocol close to this cycle because they really present themselves as artificial intelligence AI L1, and Cosmos for me Cosmos is underestimated so it’s about four options.

Facebook Instagram In AI altcoins, we will publish an incredible model this year because for me, artificial intelligence is clearly here to stay, it is not slowing down, and what crypto allows us to do in combination with AI is not repeat the same mistakes that we made with web 2 where all the value of the ACC, goes to these major players who control us the Googles the Amazon AND facebook Instagram.

Who have all this information who have all this data let’s not make the same mistakes with artificial intelligence, I want a distributed future, I want a decentralized future, that’s why I’m optimistic about AI altcoins, I think bit tensor is a blue chip this cycle, I’m thinking of rendering for decentralized rendering, Blue Chip AI this cycle GPT chain for this AI tooling candy, then lime thread and AIT protocol.

If I had to choose two to three best alt coins today, I would absolutely include a mutable, it is that L1 for game coins, there are already more than 320 quality funded games being built on the chain more than 800,000 passport registrations, of which only 250,000 in the last few weeks alone, that’s their portfolio, then about 60 games will be launched over the next 9 months, so I like a mutable for the infrastructure, I like aium for the gameplay, then I also like games gunzilla off the grid now.

I’m an early investor in this, it’s a next-gen cyberpunk Battle Royale, coming straight to PC straight to PlayStation 5 and straight to Xbox series X and S, and that’s important because this crypto game will automatically go straight to Playstation straight to Xbox, it’s something other crypto games only hope they do, and the news today features our OTG pioneers.

Schedule a dedicated initiative for the community to get involved in off-grid development, so this is early access get access to the pre-release versions of Off the Grid, try new content before the general public and get exclusive rewards for definitely doing it.

A crypto game to watch and the final allocations for me on how I would invest $1,000 in crypto today 5% memory coins, 5% real world asset coins, keep in mind with the meme coins think of it as if you just threw your money away full game, but maybe it could be your lottery ticket.

Conclusion :

I just like to find the best coin in each ecosystem, and somehow make it a proxy game, or because I am optimistic about this ecosystem if the cardano ecosystem is doing well? I would think that their best meme coin in this case, snck would be doing well too and I am doing it because I obviously want to say that I am optimistic about the Solana ecosystem, but there are a hundred if not thousands of new different meme coins that appear every day.

So I just find the blue Chip, then I bet on the ecosystem that I personally have, foxy and I also have a little deaths just because I held po Dot and you have the airdrop, you choose what is best for you.

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