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Magabox MG4 IPTV Android TV Box | Live TV | Movies | TV Show

Magabox MG4 IPTV Android TV :


Magabox is a brand new android TV box IPTV device on the market, of all the Android TV boxes I have reviewed, Magabox is a little different and I like it.

Magabox has some features that I want all other Android TV boxes to follow.

This is the packaging of the Magabox Android TV box, the front has the Magabox text logo and the bottom shows that this model has 4 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 32 GB.

2T2R means that it has two transmit antennas and two receive antennas.

These are all the elements of the box, it is the Magabox MG4 Android IPTV box, the remote control, the power adapter, the HDMI cable and the user guide.

The AC/DC power adapter has an output of 5V 2A, this Magabox MG4 user guide content includes the connection diagram, package contents and device specifications.

The remote control is different, and it is also larger than the others, the reason for its larger size is due to the keyboard on the back, with the keyboard integrated into the remote control, it is easier to type and I will not have to connect a separate keyboard.

The USB dongle can be plugged into the Maga 4 TV box in order to use the keyboard, the case body is made of aluminum and it is quite strong and a little heavier than most plastic Android TV boxes. At the top, the Magabox logo is printed, on the front there is the LCD display and the LED indicator for the status indicator.

On the side, it is the microSD card reader, USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 port and the reset or restore button.

On the back, these are the infrared expansion port, the optical audio port, the AV port, the HDMI port, the RJ-45 LAN port, the DC power port and the two Wi-Fi antennas.

There are no ventilation holes anywhere, so I think the aluminum material used can help dissipate heat during the use of the device.

This Android TV box has 4 GB of RAM installed and 32 GB of internal storage and displays the rest or usable space.
The System on a chip or SoC is Allwinner H313/H616, the processor is a 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with a clock up to 1512 MHz.

It has a 64-bit instruction set but works in 32-bit mode, for graphic display it has an ARM Mali-G31 GPU running at 60 Hz.

This box runs on Android 10 and the Android security patch dates from 2019, digital rights management or DRM is a way to protect content from piracy.

To stream and play HD-quality videos from services, the device must have the DRM L1 security level.

This Android TV box is only certified for L3, so you cannot stream HD or 4K videos from these protected services, just like other Android TV boxes, you just need to connect the HDMI cable of this box to a TV, then connect the power adapter cable.

The Magabox Android operating system will start with a splash screen and a beautiful animation, it took 35 seconds after turning on to load the launcher or the home screen. The home screen has 5 large icons in the center and a row of small icons at the bottom, the plus sign in the bottom row allows you to add or customize shortcut links. The first thing to do is connect to the Internet, click on “Settings’, select “Network and Internet”, activate Wi-Fi, connect to a Wi-Fi network here or you can connect a network cable to the TV box from your modem or router.

‘Maga Live’ “Maga VOD’ and ‘Maga Replay’ didn’t work right away. To activate them, click on “Applications”, select “APP Store”, read and accept the disclaimer and you will see all the applications that you can download and use.

To download an application, click on the down arrow icon of the application, once the application has been downloaded with a green check mark, return to the home launcher screen.

The interface may be familiar to you if you have used the SuperBox IPTV box, there is a search function, your favorite movies and viewing history.

At the top you currently see the recommended page, there is a most recent page, a movies page, a TV series page and a settings page.

To watch a movie or a show, simply select it, then click on the play button, to add a movie to your favorites to find it under the Favorites page, click on the heart icon.

Let’s check Maga Replay and let it connect and initialize, there is a list of channels on the left and the list of shows with schedules on the right, if you missed a show, this is where you can find the past show and watch it by selecting it.

Maga Live, Maga VOD and Maga Replay are the main applications of this TV box. But I have installed other applications.

The Android TV box, as you can see from the test, this Android box handled 4K file playback quite well, let’s test playing a 4K YouTube video, although the video playback seems to be quite clear, when you check the settings, the maximum supported video resolution is 1080p at 60fps.

Due to the security level of the digital rights management of this Android box is only L3, it does not support HD or 4K quality playback, on protected streaming services.

Conclusion :

The device is easy to connect and use, the remote control has a built-in keyboard on the back, the operating system has an easy-to-use and responsive interface and navigation, applications are usually loaded quickly and provide a good experience, 4K video files are played without any problems.

Playing games was responsive and did not cause any problems, TV channels and movies do not take long to load, so less waiting time, although TV channels and movie apps are not installed by default, you can easily download and install them from the App Store, this gives users the choice to install such apps.

But I also have some concerns about this TV box, the storage space is only 32 GB, which can run out quickly if you download large applications and games. Overall, Magabox MG4 provides excellent media and entertainment in a solid box.

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