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Is WireGuard Better Than OpenVPN?


WireGuard VS OpenVPN :

Today I just wanted to talk a little about wire guard and open vpn.

You know the differences, which one could be faster, I’m pretty sure most of you know at this point that wire guard is undeniably faster than any other, it’s faster than ik v2, it’s faster than openvpn, it’s the fastest protocol, that’s why most VPNs implement either wireguard, or their own version of the wireguard protocol, or something that is based on the wireguard protocol or something simpler than openvpn.

Now, a VPN protocol defines the communication rules between your local network and the remote network, this includes the type of encryption that will be used and how authentication works, OpenVPN user authentication has dominated the protocol of choice in the VPN market over the last 20 years.

But wireguard turns out to be a strong opponent, now with each rival technology that challenges an existing product, there are usually advantages and disadvantages to be found with each of them and these are the main differences besides ExpressVPN’s lightweight udp protocol, is not a wireguard protocol but it is based on the wireguard protocol, is definitely faster than openvpn.

If you are looking for a real wireguard protocol, you will find it with nordvpn which makes its north links, it is called north lynx, which makes nordvpn undoubtedly the fastest vpn in the sector.

Now, all these VPNs have open vpn protocols and if we’re going to ride the shark here, just like expressvpn, we have the wireguard protocol as well as the two variants of openvpn tcp and udp, if you didn’t know that tcp will be more secure but slower openvpn will just be a little faster, but takes less time to encrypt traffic and then you have ikev2, now let me go over the five differences.

The five main differences between openvpn and wireguard

Unlike OpenVPN wireguard is a versioned protocol, this means that upgrades are released periodically with a single encryption linked to each specific version.

Openvpn can only modify its existing cryptographic algorithms at the request of the administrator, secondly, we have the speed because it takes longer for openvpn to negotiate the negotiation and encryption standards every time it establishes a connection with the server, this has a massive impact on connection speeds, when using wireguard.

The server instantly recognizes the encryption and the common standards that the tunnel uses the third main difference is that wireguard only works by using 4000 lines of code in comparison, openvpn uses 70,000 lines of code, there is less chance that bugs will affect the performance of wireguard, and in case of a bug.

It is much easier to find and solve with 94% less code to go through than OpenVPN, the security threats are reduced because there is a smaller target, the longer the code, the more vulnerable it is-it is that it is also much easier to maintain, and to audit and of course.

The faster download speeds that you know, the great reputation of the wireguard protocols comes mainly from its speeds when the data packets are delivered through the tunnel, this speed is visible because it works in kernel space, which increases the speed /CPU ratio compared to open vpn or ipsec, you get more speed per level of CPU usage with wireguard and during benchmark tests, and you can search for all kinds of tests on the Internet.

You will notice that wireguard always outperforms OpenVPN, both in download speed, upload speed and ping.

The last difference is encryption now, OpenVPN uses certificates for identification and encryption, while wireguard integrates public key encryption, the certificates include more data, such as the organization to which it belongs, and its expiration date keys contain only the data necessary to decode the global encryption.

Wireguard’s encryption is much simpler and much less susceptible to downgrade attacks, although OpenVPN has long been considered the safest option, wireguard proves that it can potentially be even more secure thanks to its shorter encoding.

Conclusion :

The openvpn and wireguard protocols, with the exception of expressvpn, it has openvpn protocols but they have their own version of a protocol based on wireguard it’s not a real wireguard protocol, but it’s still a bit fast, but not as fast as nordvpn’s.

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