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Is the New STRONG Leap S3+ the best Android Box?

STRONG Leap S3+ :


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We present to you the brand new Android box from strong namely the leap s3 +, as you may remember.

Now we have the leap S3+, first of all, first of all, we see the quick start guide, so that the quick start guide is included then we have an additional card, which is also available from the Adria company.
There is also a Wi-Fi mesh, then we have the warranty card again, then we have the box itself that we will examine.

The remote control, of course the power plug should not be missing, a white HDMI cable is included, and what I miss from many battery manufacturers.

This means that there are also batteries included with many manufacturers you buy a high-quality Android box just has no batteries, everything is included, and that’s what it looks like at first glance.

You can start right away let’s take a look at the innovations at first glance, you can see from the remote control, that it has a 10-key keyboard, which we didn’t have with the first model.

We have a 10-key lock, with the keys in addition, we have voice selection our box is a Google box, and you have the quick selection buttons like YouTube, Netflix Prime, and Disney plus, which has also been added recently.

Now in white the CS buttons, are still absolute first class, because I miss most of them there are boxes worth € 100,and more than € 200.

If you press the buttons, nothing clicks, it’s quiet doesn’t bother at night, so absolutely great, we have the battery compartment of course.

You can then insert the sat 10 batteries keyboard lock, on the keyboard the quick selection buttons are on it and also the voice selection and all in white.

The Box itself has changed slightly from the size to the Leap S3, is now in white of course.

We have the USB connection if you want to play movies or other files on the back, we have the optical connection, the HDMI network and the power connection.

Our box supports 5 GHz as well as 2.4GHz, so if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can use a network cable, which is of course better.

We are also missing because with the leap S3 there was an On / off button, this is no longer available, and of course the memory card is no longer available as I said.

The size has remained the same all in white, and it’s time to connect everything to the TV and watch the performance.

We start with the language, that is, select the language and then select the country at the same time, we can see if the box is fast, and I think you can see for yourself how fast it is.

Then select Wi-Fi, you can also see 2.4 and 5 GHz, select enter the password and then click, we are connected to Wi-Fi nothing great has changed in the installation itself, you know it like the other previous boxes, and with that we get to the next point.

Then you have to log in with your Google account as you know in the next window you have to enter your password and then it continues.

Then we have to accept the terms of use, in the next window you can disable use the location that we I don’t really need it to make Google TV, even better I also don’t want to disable it and then accept.

I think you can also see how quickly our box goes through the menu, there are the pre-installed applications.

We can confirm them otherwise you can leave everything on the volume, so we have to connect the remote control then we do it with the volume on, and off button it means that I can also control my TV, configure the remote control.

Now I can choose the type of product I have, the sound or the TV receiver, then I choose the brand.

Then I can do it again with the alphabet, you choose your TV, and you will confirm with OK, you will hear music immediately if you don’t hear it, that means you have to turn up the volume, turn it up then continue and it works as you can, see it works.

Yes it worked with one click and then continue, we should test if we can turn off the TV, it means that if we press the on off button, the TV should be turned off and that means that it worked very well.

We only need one remote control, now to be able to control both our box and the TV, so now continue with the applications that you have chosen, you will find it installed in the background which is also going quite fast.

Our TV is ready, now discover and we get the well-known home page that we already know with the media library applications, and much more the whole thing is quite fast.

This means that if I launch an application, it will be there in no time, you can see it better, then there are the settings let’s take a look at it, also so that we can see what has changed, in the settings the Google menu, you know that very well.

The quick settings, and if we take a closer look at the settings then for as important personally, is of course the system and on info.

Conclusion :

We have Android 11, and that we have 2 GB of RAM as a hard drive, it doesn’t sound much but it’s very good for the Box, because the box is relatively fast.

Our box is also packed, or if it is jerky, as I said, not much has changed here technically except for the design, which you have highlighted.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us

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