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Beats Studio Pro Vs Apple Airpods Max | Which Is Better For You in 2024 ?!

Beats Studio Pro Vs Apple Airpods Max :


With Apple investing heavily in its own headphones, and branded headphones, there was almost a feeling of wondering what this meant, for the Beats brand that it also owns, especially once it’s been a few years since the flagship Beat Studio was updated, and apple launched its own high-end headphones called airpods Max.

But now there is a new Studio Pro in town, under the Beats brand and with many of the same characteristics of the airpods max, so is this a case of Beats Studio Pro, actually being a cheaper version of the airpods max or is there more to it than that?

Now, we’ll talk about the sound and performance a little later, but I wanted to share some thoughts, about the things that I noticed immediately, when I unpacked the two headphones, and that may actually be the only thing that makes the biggest difference, for most people’s experience, to use them is the design and by that I mean the build conversion portability.

Because they are so different from each other in many ways, this is really where you see where the extra money goes, on the airpods max, the new Studio Pro from beats is practically the same design, is the the old Studio 3 wireless and that means that it is mainly made from plastic on the outside.

What gives them a slightly cheaper feeling than the airpods max, it’s a similar feeling that I have from all the folding mechanisms, and extension of the headband, it’s not a silent pair in this regard with a lot of clicks, and cracks when you open and unfold them, and expand the headband, it’s even a little squeaky sometimes compare that to the airpods Max, and it’s night and day every bit of the airpods max, which moves does it with fluid movements.

Whether it’s the ball head to adjust the angle of the cups, to fit your head, or the telescopic adjustable headband, which slides in and out to lengthen and shorten, to fit the size of your head, so that the mechanisms feel much more durable.

But the rest of the headphones too, the aluminum ear cups are super strong, as is the sturdy headband, to the point where I think that even if it is accidentally stuck or crushed by something heavy, it will not break the beats on the other hand, I could see cracks, along the plastic without too much force that does not mean that the range does not have its advantages.

The fact that it folds into a compact size, means that it can fit in a smaller space than the airpods max, which are pretty much stuck in the same position, and it comes with a small fabric carrying case, to keep it safe too.

Airpods Max doesn’t come with this fancy magnetic baby carrier instead, which can only be described as a bra, it’s pretty smart, though and can be used to tell airpods to wake up or go to sleep without needing to press any buttons, it’s almost magical.

Now when you read the specifications, and realize that one helmet is slightly lighter than the other, you might assume that this means that the lighter, is the more comfortable of the two.

But I didn’t find that to be the case at all for several reasons, so yes, the beats are noticeably lighter on the head, and this works in its favor.

But I think the material choices, and the design of the airpods meant that I found them easier to wear for longer periods of time.

The hammock-shaped headband made of mesh fabric, combined with the mesh ear pads, and the airpods felt more breathable and less stuffy to wear.

It may not matter so much during the colder months, but during the summer, when I was testing them, I frequently felt that my ears were getting sweaty and hot.

When I was wearing the Studio Pro, it was without mentioning the fact that you can easily remove the ear pads from the airpods, because they are attached magnetically, you can buy spare parts or exchange them for new ones, if they get old, dirty or torn or if you just want to get a different colored cushion bat, it’s not that easy.

Now both pairs are easy to use, with a simple set of controls to skip tracks, and adjust the volume to enable or disable audio transparency, and noise cancellation.

The left cup of the beats, has a central button to play and pause, as well as the up and down buttons on the ring on the outside, to adjust the volume, I would like to say however that once you are used to Apple airpods controls, these are the most pleasant to use.

It has a digital mass, just like the Apple Watch, so you can rotate it to adjust the volume, or click on it to play, and pause, and skip tracks.

The second button, is mainly for noise cancellation, and transparency and pairing the other invisible control, is the sensor in each cup that can detect when you wear the headphones remove them from the multimedia pauses, turn them on again, and it plays the beats.

Don’t do it now, because they are both made by Apple, means that a few different features mainly, you get one touch pairing on iPhone and iPad, and once you are logged in, this device is then linked to your iCloud account or Apple ID, and available for instant connection and quick switching, between all your Apple devices, whether iPhone, iPad, mac Apple Watch, or even Apple TV.

The airpods Max, cannot be paired with Android phones, you just have to press and hold the multifunction button, to stick them in pairing mode, but with Beat Studio Pro, you get a closer integration.

Put beats in pairing mode next to your Android phone, and you will get a handy one-click graphic on the screen, for easy pairing and once paired, it is linked to your Google account so that you can.

Use them on other Android or Chrome devices, and you can use Find My Device, to find them you can also easily check the battery information, and other settings using the Beats app , which you can download from the play Store.

The other advantage of beats, is that you get a USBC, simply connect the USBC cable to the USBC cable from the headphones to the audio product, and you get a quality, lossless sound with the possibility of switching between two different EQ presets, depending on your preferences.

Plus you get the USBC cable in the package, as well as the three and a half millimeter audio cable for that classic wired connection, with devices that have a three and a half millimeter port.

If you want to use wide sound on the airpod max, you need to buy a three and a half millimeter cable, to a lightning connector.

There is no lossless audio on USBC or lightning, although if you connect it to a high-quality DAC output, you still get better audio quality from it, than if you just plug the cable into your phone.

And when it comes to the suppression of sound, and noise, there is not much difference between them or at least maybe not as big as you might expect.

The sound signature is quite similar between them, both offering a fairly balanced sound, with clarity in the high notes, many middle frequencies and good bass levels.

And you get good details in this base, but surprisingly, I found that the bass was more prominent on the airpods Max, and the soundstage seemed wider, which gave a wider stereo effect, and crucially needs a little more space, because when I was listening to audio with spatial audio mixes, it’s hard to explain, but it was as if the sound wasn’t pumped into my ears as closely.

And so the feeling of immersion was just a little better, it meant that even if both had the possibility airpods max give more space to breathe.

Now, admittedly, there’s not much to it, and as mentioned, if you want easy access to wide sound, and lossless sound, the Beats pair is better for that.

I also found that the quality of the calls, was a little clearer, and cleaner on the Beats, when using them for video calls during a working day.

The noise reduction was stronger, on the airpods max, which could be due both to the safer fit of the cushion of the ear pads, but also to the fact that it has more microphones, to deal with ambient noise.

It made it feel more like I was wrapped in my own cocoon of stillness, for those moments when I wanted to leave the sound in transparency mode, is about as good as they come in any headphones, so that was really good too.

Now, finally, let’s mention the battery life, because there is definitely the feeling that the Beats pair has been designed to be a little more practical, for everyday use without ANC or transparency activated.

You can get up to 40 hours, with the Beats or with the noise cancellation, over almost 25 hours, which is a minimum of 5 five hours more, than the airpods max with about 20 hours of use, from a full battery.

Now at the end if you are going to force me to choose an overall winner between these two, I am going to have a hard time, I think for the large part of consumers.

The Beats Studio Pro, is the best versatile choice, I think especially because the headphones are something that you want to take with you, but also one that works with as many different products as possible and as practical, a way as possible without missing important features.

Beats has great sound, good noise reduction, great battery life and works great wirelessly with iPhone and Android phones, plus wired flexibility, is really convenient and it’s cheaper.

Conclusion :

For which I preferred to listen, at home and to wear however, these are airpods Max, they sound fantastic, they are super comfortable, and are really well made my time, with both has definitely helped me understand, why they both exist in the Apple ecosystem.

These are clearly different experiences, and for someone like me who spends 90 of his time working from home in my office, and I love listening to music all day, and I have several Apple products to connect with airpods max, is really the most powerful option.

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