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I Compared Best VPN Services In 2024: Surfshark Vs NordVPN

Surfshark Vs NordVPN :


Any better VPN would not only have stellar security no, it would also have excellent value for money, which is why we are going to first take a look at the prices and offers on surf shark compared to nordvpn, because we are going to see who comes out on top.

NordVPN, their prices are quite average in the industry, and I would say that it is good even on the cheapest side, when you get their long-term agreement, it really saves a lot of money, for this two-year plan. Now if we look at Surf shark, it ends up being one of the most affordable VPNs on the market, and even have a slight advantage, because they don’t limit the number of devices you can use simultaneously, and they allow it regardless of the plan you choose, so point out the shock because when you just look at the prices, surfshark is the most affordable option, but you know what there are other factors to understand.

Now the security capabilities, we can see that nordvpn and surfshark take security very seriously, and have implemented all the necessary measures.

They use similar encryption at the top of the market, and nordvpn and surfshark work on RAM-only servers, for those of you who don’t know that this means that your data is purged every time the server is restarted, which is often so, it cannot be recovered or delivered to a three-letter agency, and both also have a kill switch feature which is an advanced security measure, which prevents the leakage of your data by blocking internet access, when it detects unprotected connections.

Now, I tested both providers and neither had DNS leaks as expected, but you know what it’s always nice to confirm that they keep their promises, and when it comes to these other security features, there are some small differences for this nordvpn surfshark comparison.

But to be really transparent, people tend to be a little worried with surf shark thanks to its jurisdiction, you see that their  Virtual Private Network is based in the Netherlands, which yes, it is part of the nine eyes intelligence sharing Alliance, but I don’t think you should worry that much, because they have these ram-only servers and a no-logging policy.

So it really seems that they are doing everything they can, to protect your data during this time.

Nordvpn operates under the jurisdiction of Panama, so no trust issues there are also a lot of bananas, both providers have undergone several public security audits of football, because it is nice to have more than the provider’s word that you can trust them.

In 2019, verse bright performed a security audit on NordVPN, but it also underwent two public audits for its no logs policy by pricewaterhousecoopers.

Surfshark can also boast three audits the first two carried out by cure 53, which tested the infrastructure of surfshark’s extension server, browser and their general security, the most recent audit carried out on surfshark, was an audit of no logs policy by Deloitte in 2023.

Now, something I need to address, very quickly is the fairly recent merger of surfshark and nordvpn.
Now, there is reason to worry, at first I had my suspicions, but it turns out that the two companies have remained separate, so the merger looks more like a movement to share resources, and push innovations in the  Virtual Private Network industry.

So let’s summarize the security in this surfshark vs nordvpn comparison, I must say that nordvpn takes the advantage, while the jurisdiction might not be a big problem in this case.

This could still be a decisive factor, now let’s see some key differences between some features that nordvpn and surfshark, each have to offer Nord and surfshark, have very similar implementations of split tunneling, which allow you to route only particular applications through the VPN, or exclude others from this  Virtual Private Network connection.

Now, in both cases, this eliminates the need to disconnect from the Virtual Private Network when I need to connect directly, each provider offers this feature, but only on Windows and Android, which leaves me a little disappointed.

I mean that split tunneling is one of the most useful features that a Virtual Private Network can offer to gamers, well it also leaves Mac and iPhone users dry.

Now there is this GPS spoofing feature, which only surfshark has and I really like it, it allows me to spoof my location on Android devices, so that I can consult certain websites and applications that use my geographical location, to put me somewhere, where I am not and what about getting rid of malware.

Surf shark’s own web, is actually good at stopping ads while blocking access to malicious sites, and NordVPN has a similar feature, but they call it their threat protection.
Now it detects malware as it is downloaded and gets rid of it instantly.

So both become quite the cybersecurity bundle, when you consider this antivirus edition, but surfshark takes the lead, allowing you to customize your scans, and has even been tested by independent third parties, catching, just under 100 detections in zero days, and four weeks old malware too, but there is an additional cost for the surfshark package.

Now specifically for this surfshark vs nordvpn review, I tested both providers on four different locations, with a baseline just above 300 Mbps, the closer servers didn’t have much effect on my speeds, but both providers slow down a bit when you connect to these more distant servers, there’s not really a difference when connecting to one of the US servers.

Nordvpn shows slightly better speeds when connected to the UK, but still not a huge difference now, the further the servers are, the greater the speed differences, I can see and sometimes feel that it seems, that the speeds favor nordvpn.

Nordvpn works better, but surfshark has not shown bad results at all, especially when connecting to servers not so far away, okay, so I think it’s fair to say that nordvpn is moving forward when it comes to performance. Now, you know that nordvpn and surfshark are considered the best Virtual Private Network options for streaming foreign content, that’s because they are :

Nordvpn has the most servers while surfshark covers most countries, both have their advantages and when it comes to broadcasting well, a large fleet of servers, can help when particular IP addresses are prohibited, you just need to change servers, so that a larger number of countries gives you access to more geoblocking content.

As expected neither nordvpn, nor surf shark, had difficulties unblocking foreign libraries, to which some other VPNs have problems accessing during my tests, I was able to obtain thanks to some British exclusives and managed to connect to Japan, and many other foreign sites, with both services.

So if you are looking for a Virtual Private Network for streaming, just take note of things like the number of servers, limits and device speeds, otherwise there are only very small differences in terms of performance, between these two.

Let’s take a look at the nordvpn torrent, has dedicated P2P servers, while surfshark has all their servers optimized for P2P, which allows faster downloads, so I tried the torrent on both and despite surfshark letting me do P2P, on all servers, their servers are optimized for P2P.

The speeds were not as consistent, as nordvpn, and nordvpn has this small free Sox 5 proxy which is perfect for torrenting because it transfers data in packets, smaller and this feature costs nothing more.

Another feature that these two BPM, provide are obfuscated servers, they are specialized servers that will scramble my traffic, to make it look like a non-vpn, which basically allows me to bypass all VPN bans, and this is especially useful in countries with restricted internet access, where VPNs are outright banned, and nordvpn even has specially obfuscated servers to select, you may need to configure a special application for this to work well.

Nordvpn has double VPN and onion over VPN features, and this gives you even more for your encrypted Virtual Private Network connection, while surf stock uses obfuscated servers, whose algorithms hide the fact that you are even using a VPN, allowing you to bypass these restrictions.

Now you know that there is a very good thing that surfshark can offer to counteract all these other things, and that is their dynamic multi-hop function, which allows you to connect via two VPN servers, because the more servers there are between you and those who want to follow you, the more difficult it is for them to reach you, and the more difficult it is for data leaks to occur as well.

Conclusion :

Nordvpn is the best when it comes to high levels of privacy, security, and fast speeds, while surf shark is more affordable and offers these unlimited connections, so with these elements considered, my final verdict for this review of surf shark compared to nordvpn is that Nord takes the edge in a few areas, but your decision will depend on your specific needs.

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