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CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN: Which VPN to Choose in 2024?

CyberGhost vs ExpressVPN :


Today we are going to talk about Express and cyberghost VPNs, both of which are very good VPNs overall, I am going to talk about the user experience, and what each VPN could be most useful for and what I would personally recommend.

Expressvpn and cyberghost VPN, let me just clarify that they both work for streaming, they both allow tort liability, and support peer-to-peer activities of all kinds, there are no bandwidth limitations, they are both very fast, they are also secure.

So when you are on a public Wi-Fi network, no one will be able to intercept your connection, and compromise all of your data and overall, they are very consistent, so the question is why opt for one over the other, especially since cyberghost is much cheaper than Express VPN.

Again, both VPNs are remarkable at what they do, but based on my experience and having used a lot of VPNs in the past, and I guarantee you that I have used quite a few VPNs, but I always found myself returning to express VPN, whenever I needed to get a VPN job done quickly, consistently and reliably.

Now, the problem with cyberghost is that sometimes it may not be as reliable, as you would like, although at other times it is super reliable, so there is one thing you want to pay attention to with cyber GH, so if you go to the settings you will notice that the protocol selection, is now automatic in most VPNs, opting for the automatic option is always the best idea, but since cyber ghost has implemented everything with the servers and they have about 7 or 8,000 servers at this point in more than 100 countries, that’s a lot of servers.

So inevitably, many of these servers are simply not compatible, with the best protocol available, which in my opinion is the best, wire guard protocol since it is the fastest protocol, and the most efficient, it is always what you want to use whenever you use a VPN , wireguard is just super optimized of course, sometimes it won’t work, and if you are in a restrictive country, you may have to use openvpn, but most of the time, wireguard is just the superior protocol.

Now the problem with cyberghost because they have a lot of servers, it seems that they are having a hard time making all the servers compatible with the wireguard protocol, so if you choose a wireguard protocol, and try to connect to a specific server, and it takes a long time to connect, and you are wondering why, that is most likely why you want it to remain automatic this way, you will not have to be blocked trying to connect to a server, using the wireguard protocol, and it’s not compatible with this protocol in the first place.

So that’s one of the things that makes cyberghost a cheaper product than expressvpn, it’s understandable, if you’re looking for something that simply accesses streaming services, and secures, your connection while you torture or while you engage, in any kind of risky peer-to-peer activities, and also while you’re on public Wi-Fi, and if you want something that also works great for games, and you don’t care about occasional inconsistencies, or sometimes you know that the VPN doesn’t is unreliable.

Maybe you know about it once out of 10, or twice out of 10 if you don’t mind and you just want a VPN that is very economical and does the job, it is probably the best VPN in this category and at this price, but if you are looking for the easiest VPN to use, and the most consistent VPN, and the most reliable in my experience, and I have been using these VPNs for more than 4 years, at this point and I can comfortably tell you again expressvpn, is such a simple recommendation that I can easily recommend.

Expressvpn to an advanced user, who is looking for something super secure, and who gets it started as soon as possible, or to a beginner who has nothing to do with a VPN, and who doesn’t even know what a VPN is, and all they want to do is just that you know how to use it to access Netflix or hulu, or whatever they are trying to watch.

It really works for both extremes and everyone in between, especially if you are looking for the VPN, the most reliable and the easiest to use, with the strictest blocking policy that has been proven over and over again, again, including in Turkey when in 2017 the Turkish government seized an expressvpn server, but they still weren’t able to extract anything from the server thanks to ExpressVPN’s real no loocks policy, this is sort of accidental proof, that ExpressVPN does not collect any information about its users and they respect the Integrity of their privacy.

Conclusion :

So very nice to see ExpressVPN again, it’s up to you to decide at the end of the day whether you want to opt for Express or cyber GH.

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