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CyberGhost VPN review 2024 / Is this affordable VPN for you?

Cyberghost :


Cyberghost, will this VPN prove to be a reliable and cheap option or will it ghost you after false promises to answer this and more.

Is cyberghost worth it comparing cyberghost with other best VPN options on the market, we can see that cyberghost is the most affordable long-term solution while committing to a 2-year plan may seem daunting, it will give you the best value for money, plus cyberghost offers one of the most consumer-oriented money-back guarantees covering a total of 45 days, which is easily more than enough to see if cyberghost VPN is for you, and if you don’t want to be charged , there is also a free trial, now if you decide to get Cyberghost, you can get the lowest price with the discount.

The price is certainly one of the main selling points of cyberghost, but is cyber ghost trustworthy can you really put your privacy and security in the hands of a generally cheap provider cyberghost is considered a reliable VPN, it covers all the essentials of premium VPN security with strong encryption, a no logs policy and a kill switch that says a VPN is primarily for your privacy, so I have to be critical and there are some concerns to keep in mind in the past.

The free version had problems with excessive encryption permissions, although the free version is no longer available, and cyber ghost does not record user activity, it retains certain information and can cooperate with law enforcement in specific cases.

I should also mention that cyberghost was acquired by Cape Technologies, formerly known as Cross Rider and was accused of Distributing malware that stated that the years have passed, and that cyber ghost has done almost everything in its power to show that they are trustworthy.

They make quarterly transparency reports and have even introduced a bug bounty program in case someone finds a vulnerability in de plus.

Cyber ghost operates in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of Romania and has ramb-based servers that cannot store any data for the long term.

Speaking more about servers cyberghost is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to server fleets, because it covers 100 countries previously, cyberghost said that they had more than 11,500 servers, but now this information is hidden, they may be being redesigned and we will probably see the count soon anyway, this number of servers is more than any other competitor can offer such coverage in combination, with modern and fast wired protection.

The tunneling protocol in theory should guarantee good speeds in almost every corner of the world, but to see how fast cyberghost is in reality.

I did my own tests while the results were good, it was still not as fast as the fastest VPNs like surf shark or nordvpn keep in mind, that the results may vary depending on your location and the server you are connecting to.

But in general, the average speed retention should be in the same order of magnitude, besides normally Quick Connect will choose the fastest server for you in case you want a different location, I recommend paying attention to the latency server or if you are using a Mac, it shows how congested the selected server is instead.

Most other VPNs don’t display any such information for some reason, so put that to your advantage with cyber ghost.

Advantages of cyberghost :

It is available on all major operating systems, it also supports browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox and even supports the router, I tried cyber ghost on several devices, the design was user-friendly on all of them and the features were easy to find, maybe the smart rules feature takes a while to familiarize yourself.

But once you set it up and you get a router. enter it, it will save you a lot of time it is a feature that allows you to automate tasks on the application.

Cyberghost it has a lot of features, for example, you can set simple rules like specifying which country or particular server cyberghost should automatically connect to another example is to set which programs start automatically when cyberghost initiates a connection, there are many other smart rules.

I found a few other additional features one of them is the nopy servers these servers are fully managed by cyberghost, which means that no third parties have access to them, this offers the user even more privacy assurance, there is also a dedicated IP feature that allows you to get a unique private IP address, this helps solve things like capture requests, as well as other problems than shared IP addresses, it costs more, but to be honest, it is the industry standard overall, there aren’t many additional features, but cyberghost covers all the essentials.

So if you are wondering if cyberghost VPN for beginners is a valuable option definitely yes let’s continue this review of cyber ghost VPN 2024 with streaming and torrenting if you are in one of these activities, a VPN can help you a lot for streaming.

Conclusion :

yberghost is a great choice its server location covering 100 countries gives access to many foreign libraries, which means that you can watch your favorite TV shows or sporting events, from almost anywhere in the world in addition.

It has specialized servers only for streaming and an intelligent DNS function that helps you configure your VPN on incompatible devices, all this guarantees a smooth streaming experience without buffering or lag.

Cyberghost is also one of the best VPN options for torrenting it has PTP optimized servers for secure and uninterrupted torrenting, and being a fast VPN certainly helps too.

I may not believe in ghosts, but I really believe in cyberghost as a good VPN option, it is one of the most affordable providers on the market, but it also does not disappoint in quality while it is not as fast and does not have as many features as the VPN giants like surf shark and Nord VPN.

Cyberghost stands tall with an extensive fleet of servers, decent speeds and a user-friendly application to design.

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