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Crypto : The Proven Formula To Make $100,000 in 2024

The Proven Formula To Make $100,000 With Crypto :


There are five methods that you can use this year to realistically create six figures with crypto, starting with just a few thousand dollars.

And I am convinced that this can work for some of you because in the last five years, I have done it several times, I have taken small investments to grow well beyond the six figure mark.

And this is the beginning of a series helping people create wealth with crypto, starting with my exact five-step plan on how I managed to increase my portfolio by more than 4,000% in each bullish cycle, and my goal in this bull run is to multiply my portfolio by 50 times again.

But don’t be fooled by these success stories, because for each of them, there are several people who have lost thousands of dollars in crypto, so be very careful not to suffer the same fate.

One thing I realized before buying a Bitcoin is that the only way to create generational wealth at this point is to live in a dual-income household.

It just means that I have to be the dual income and the lowest barrier to entry, the most passive way to do that is to invest.

Now the most accessible way of investing is the stock market, which, after inflation, yields about 8% per year, but right now we are in the middle of the largest generational wealth transfer in history and the Web3 and the Blockchain are at the heart of it, when I started buying Bitcoin, the crypto market as a whole was worth about $ 100 billion, and right now it is worth about $ 1.5 trillion.

It’s still only slightly bigger than Apple, but by 2030 we expect a $25 trillion crypto market, and that’s going to take the 88,000 millionaires that have been created with crypto.

This is where we enter phase1, investing only works if you have an active income or money to invest, that’s why phase 1 is optimization, the worst thing a crypto investor can do is invest money that he is not willing to lose.

In the crypto markets, it is not uncommon to see investments decrease by 15-20% on a given day, and if you start investing funds that you probably shouldn’t, it will be very difficult to digest this and you will most likely end up selling at a loss.

So invest what you can lose, make more money and reduce your expenses, if you have a job but you don’t have enough money to invest, take a side hustle and reduce some expenses.

A friend and I joined a crypto group in 2017 and at the time, he was working at Target, and he took more than half of his salary and put it into crypto between the year 2018 and 2019, which amounted to about $20,000, and over the next three years, that $20,000 grew to more than $3 million.

Now, some, even retroactively speaking, may call him crazy, but he could take these risks because he had few overheads.

There’s an opportunity cost on the money you don’t invest, if you were to make an extra $300 a month, and invest that every month of the year, and let’s say that investment is multiplied by 20, it would be worth more than roughly $72,000 by the end of this year, and a 20X on an investment may seem far-fetched, but over the last four years, if you look at Ethereum, it’s more than 23X from where it is now.

And there will most likely be more cryptos that do this as well.

Now that we have money to invest, we need to determine which cryptos to buy, which are entering Phase 2, the accumulation investing in crypto has some similarities with traditional investing.

If you take someone at the age of 21 who takes $6,500 and puts it in a Roth IRA, once, at the end of retirement, it will be worth about $175,000. However, if you were to take that same person and start investing 500 a month at the age of 29 every year until retirement age, that same investment, although it is worth triple the amount deposited, would only be worth about 90,000, which is half the amount.

The lesson here is that one of the most important factors for a successful crypto investment is the timing itself.

In 2017, I started with $2,000 and I only put it into one investment, and now, an important part of the accumulation phase is the dollar cost averaging.

We regularly build positions in a crypto that you like, however I don’t buy at the same time every month, what I do is that I will make the deposit at the same time every month, but I will look at what the crypto market is doing as a whole.

If the market goes up by 10% that day, it’s not a time I want to buy, I prefer to buy when the market is very red to make sure I get a good deal on what I’m buying, and you’ll see that all the time.

For example, not so long ago, everyone was saying that Bitcoin was going to reach 30K, and it could very well, but when everyone was saying that, the entire market was 10 to 20% in the red, so I felt like fear was ingrained and then I decided to buy my crypto.

And then of course it went up by 10-20% the next day, but once you start buying crypto, you have to have a strategy, and this is the next phase.

Now I have never been a crypto trader, I just buy and hold, because watching the markets and the daily fluctuations for me is simply too stressful.

And I just noticed that it was starting to take up too much space in my mind, but that doesn’t mean that I’m sitting back and keeping my crypto forever.

This will result in a 100% loss, I have mentioned traditional investing a few times at this point, and one of the main differences between traditional investing and crypto investing, is that crypto is so new, and evolving, so quickly, that there is no guarantee that what you invest in will be relevant in the next one to three years.

So, what I do is that once my investment has exceeded the 100% mark, I start taking profits on days that are doubly green, that is, the market is very green and the greed index is very high, and I do it until all my initial capital is back, so, very early in the bull run, I play with the house money until the end.

Another key factor that I like to examine is the dominance of BTC, is a statistic that shares the share of the market made up only of Bitcoin, at the moment, out of the entire crypto market capitalization, half of the value is in Bitcoin itself.

So we are sitting at about 50% BTC dominance, but as the uptrend matures and more and more money begins to flow into other projects, this BTC dominance has previously fallen to about 35%.

So once I start to see that, I realize that if I keep costing in dollars, it will get riskier and riskier over time.

Averaging costs in dollars as the bull market matures is a riskier way to invest, and you’ll end up wanting to stop at some point.

We have taken our active income, we have invested it in an asset that we will appreciate, but now it is time to multiply this asset, once I buy a crypto, there are three ways I like to earn free crypto on what I have already bought.

Two of these ways are passive, one is more active, but also more lucrative, firstly, I like to see if what I buy is part of a system that encourages users to bet their crypto.

Since cryptography is decentralized, it relies on users to really make these networks work, and to do that, they encourage users to bet their crypto, think of a bank and how it encourages people to open savings accounts and CDs and all these other high-yield accounts, and that’s because they use this money to make more money.

Now, depending on the project, you can earn from 3 to 15% and more, and this may not seem like much, but if you have a project for which you earn 5% per year, on their tokens and this project appreciates by 500%, you are now earning 25%, on your initial investment.

And I know people who bought projects at the beginning, started staking their tokens and are now making life-changing amounts of money every month just by staking their initial investment.

The next way to earn crypto is to run a validation node, now nodes are many computers that blockchains use to run their network, and then investors and token holders are rewarded for running these nodes.

Thus, the execution of a validation node is similar to staking, except that the requirements are usually higher and sometimes software is also involved.

The software I use to run most of my nodes costs about $20 a month.
The last way to multiply your crypto and is the least passive, but the most lucrative, is to drop crypto-airdrops.

Imagine if the government created a new currency tomorrow, the only way to give value to this currency is if people give it value, if people start using it, and to do that, they would need to encourage people to use it, and so they would give it to a select group of people.

And that’s exactly what these crypto projects do, the way it works is that you can find a list of crypto airdrops on Twitter, private groups or even airdrop websites, and these projects will list the necessary requirements to successfully participate in crypto airdrop, there are people who make six figures on airdrops alone a year, it just takes a lot of research.

Now, comes Phase 5 the exponentiator, which is where I made the most money.

The crypto that I bought earlier, I will use it to get free crypto and completely new projects.

So let’s say I invest $2,000 and over the next year or a year and a half, it will appreciate to $8,000. I’m going to take, say, $2,000 and put it into a whole new project, and I’ve done that in the last two bull runs.

In 2017, I put $2,000 into TRX and overnight it went from $2,000 to over $20,000, and that initial investment of 2K was free, and it’s happening on a much larger scale, there are crypto miners where you can mine crypto that cost from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, and people buy this with risk-free capital that they earned years ago in crypto just by getting into some projects early.

And when people were buying NFTs in 2021, for some of these NFTs costing tens of thousands of dollars, many of these people, at least smart investors, did not just take new money and buy these NFTs.

What was happening was that some of these people had hundreds of thousands of dollars that they had earned in crypto a long time ago, and it is free money, which makes it much easier to buy.

Conclusion :

Smart investors, invest risk-free money in crypto as soon as possible, which allows you to take small risks for very large gains.

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