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BEST Crypto Investments That Could 10x In 2024:

Keep in mind that I cannot see the future I am not a financial advisor and my bias is that :

Cryptomonnaie Bitcoin has not exceeded for the year ,if you think that Bitcoin has already exceeded and is decreasing, riskier altcoins in crypto are not the investment to make, but I believe that Bitcoin has not exceeded,I believe that Bitcoin has about 2X left in it maybe not even that, I have always said that between 100,000 and 120,000 is my projection for Bitcoin this cycle and if Bitcoin can double, so my bias is that these altcoins in the top 10 can vary from maybe 3x to 10x as you go down these altcoins can 10x to 100x depending on your level and the ones you choose and if that sounds amazing, let’s take :

Polka dot :


Currently top 16 T polka dot 10x, this is already a fairly high market capitalization, but just take a closer look, I believe that if nothing else polka dot can return to its all-time highs if not this year in the next few years and many altcoins will not return to their all-time highs.

I believe polka dot is still implementing imp, I believe it will be and because it’s still down 87.4% from its all-time high if it just comes back, it’s a 7.9 practically an 8X from here.

So polka dot being even a high ceiling, even in the top 16, I believe that it has at least one adex and besides, just because an altcoin is down almost 90% from its all-time high does not mean that it only has 10% to go, any altcoin can continue to decline, it can go down another 9%.

” I just think it’s just a blockchain that’s specially designed for finance “, I loved this explanation about what injective is from founding member Eric Chen, what it means is that you know every central component, every module, every upgrade, every integration improvement, that’s all you know aimed at improving the financial offer of this infrastructure and focused.

But three financial applications now not only the ecosystem continues to grow, not only is it interoperable with Solana and Cosmos, but also the news today, injective is planning a layer three chain on arbitrum, which means that even if they are already connected to the ethereum Cosmos and Solana networks, arbitrum is next and even if arbitrum is an L2 of eth injectives, the expansion of new expans will be based for its infrastructure on the arbitrum orbit toolkit which allows developers to create customizable chains with the arbitrum technology while accessing interoperability between several ecosystems, which is optimistic for continued growth.

AI crypto LimeWire :


We have an update for AI crypto LimeWire I don’t know if You call it streaming service at the time, but was it then and now it’s back, but this time the AI basically makes music and although they are much newer, I mean much lower market capitalization on the list of the best altcoins, they aim to be in the top 10 positive signs, we are already among the top 25 AI tokens on the market capitalization of the coin.

We aim to be among the top 10 AI tokens by the end of this year for those who don’t know any artists, you can go to the lime wire platform and create music using AI, create a track from scratch or upload an image to get an adjusted sound, even just write a description quickly-rhythmic EDM track with a deep base and AI crypto lime wire will create music that you own and if they use other tracks as an influence or even if someone samples the music that you make on their platform because it’s on the blockchain.

All rights are yours, all ownership and payment revenues are yours, then today’s news that actually comes out of their community call from just a few days ago, there is a product update on the horizon.

There will also be a chat assistant composing our creator assistant for a much better user experience for any creator on the platform.

My Lovely planet :


A crypto game on the rise and coming soon, in fact it is one of the 3 fastest growing web mobile games on the App Store and Google Play, you can just play on your phone and this one is important because of the exponential growth, we have reached an incredible milestone with more than 170,000 monthly active users and there are three big things that I like about this game, the real number one impact as you level up in the game, they plant real world trees real trees depending on how which you play together, we have planted a total of 137,000 trees.

I was actually talking in Dubai about how much more I liked casual crypto games and I wish there was a good casual crypto phone game that I could play, then the founder was in the audience and approached me at the end of the conference and said, our game is available for free now in the App Store, but our token is not online yet, we are doing a quest, we distribute our tokens to people who perform simple tasks.

complete the quest every week, find the lost Earth jewels and earn valuable mlc tokens ,Everyone can download the game and start playing today.

Austin Solana cardano polka dot Avalanche Tron all in the same boat, they are all prominent l1s, they are all still implementing well the truth is yes, I think all of them, especially Solana cardano and polka dot, will do well for different reasons.

Polka dot is the lowest market capitalization, so there is more upside potential, but really a big reason that we don’t often talk about how polka dot is different from a cardano or a Solana .

The first part Angie giving a setup on the process that we have followed with the SEC over the last three years, so without further ado back in 2022 they went to the SEC they said that we wanted to be compliant almost as if they foresaw that Gary Gensler would crack down, we have named this session less truth less trust more truth about the polka do network because it is really a mantra that has guided us over the last three years and this whole process.

You know to stick to our philosophy of true decentralization and so really what I’m going to describe is the three-year process h with the SEC it was both with the finhub office and the SEC division of corporate finance it was not with the application which is a totally different division than we fortunately.

You know recently had a three-year anniversary of this engagement with finhub and Corporation finance and a few weeks ago, the web3 foundation announced in a blog that for the purposes of the US federal securities laws.

The native do token had transformed and was no longer an sec security.

Ando Finance :


It is an institutional-quality financial platform that is supported by the founders fund panta capital and coinbase essentially offering you to earn returns on US treasuries and the US dollar chain.

They recently had a very big announcement that is going to solve the rwa liquidity problem that they are going to introduce something called Global markets a platform to bring all publicly traded securities on the chain with native access to the traditional liquidity of stock exchanges like the NASDAQ NYSC and lsse it is absolutely huge, they are solving one of the biggest problems of rwa.

They are also settling into the black Rock fund, which is the tokenization fund.

today’s news is Ando finance to launch the rwa payment network, this partnership aims to expand the operation of usdt, a stable coin known for its stability and performance .

Conclusion :

The best crypto investments that could improve your financial side and become a millionaire.

It’s the investments that help you, the advantage would be multiplied to 10 in 2024, that’s the thing that encourages you invest.

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