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Best Apple glasses will change everything in 2025:

Apple Glasses :


The futuristic glass is the newest addition to Apple‘s illustrious ecosystem, these glasses will use the next ar augmented reality technology which should not be confused with vr virtual reality it combines digital elements and processes with the natural environment around its user on the other hand.

Virtual reality is a fully simulated environment in which users can interact with digital objects apple is hardly the only company to recognize the potential of ar-compatible glasses google and Microsoft have each tried to create their own ar glasses the google Glass initiative was closed in 2015 largely due to the fact that the glasses are not compatible with the :

The weak public response to the device, the design was not appreciated by the users and they thought that it was bulky and too expensive in the end.

Most users recognized that such a gadget was not needed at least at the moment when Microsoft hololens, on the other hand, is still in development and could provide direct competition to Apple .

Apple glass should not be confused with apple vr which is a completely separate device, apple is also working on a mixed reality headset although the specifics are digitized ,The glass is a real augmented reality gadget is not a new concept remember the popular smartphone game pokemon go, it also uses augmented reality to engage players and catch pokemon.

But apple glass has a completely different goal in mind, they aim to integrate it into your usual routine, for example :

You can browse your text while you are having lunch without looking at your phone when combined with other Apple gadgets, this could be a wonderful creative outlet for productivity.

Like using glass to imagine modifying the interior of your home, it means bringing all the information from your phone.

They are specifically looking for Glass to synchronize with an iPhone and display things such as text emails, maps and games in the user’s field of vision and they want everything to work in the Apple environment that they have already connected to other Apple devices, that they also intend to activate third-party applications and are exploring the creation of a separate App Store in the same way that you can acquire applications for the apple tv and apple watch, but as we learn more about the technology behind Apple glass, it gets more interesting.

Such an aspect of the lens is the so-called optical subassembly according to the patents filed by Apple. They would like to use it as a vision correction device integrated into the helmet that would eliminate the need for the wearer to wear directional glasses. The patent specifies that this optical subassembly will automatically compensate visually impaired people.

The need for a new prescription will be obsolete because gadgets such as apple glass will be able to adjust their optical qualities on the go according to another patent.

Apple Glass would also allow users to change the backdrop of the articles they see on the fly in the same way that you can change the backdrop during a video conference on applications such as zoom and microsoft teams.

Apple glass will use the photos from its camera and the detection of the color gamut to create a composite and then digitally insert virtual content, so if you were looking at a glass wall, apple could start displaying your calendar while you are browsing on the right side of glass, there will be a lidar scanner, but they have not yet confirmed the installation of a camera on the chassis lidar is an abbreviation for light detection and ranging and it is a leading remote sensing approach that uses light to create an image of the environment that surrounds it , this type of sensor is most often observed in autonomous cars.

The sensor can map the environment that surrounds it in 3d using lidar this sensor will be the key to the ability of Apple glasses to track the world around its user and increase digital functionality via its screen,Another feature is what can only be described as immersive Google Street View.

The difference is that unlike Google Street view where you can see the street on your mobile device, you will be virtually transported to this view and will have a complete 363-degree view of the location information extracted from the maps.

It also suggests that Apple could use Glass to help users see better in the dark, which would be accomplished through the use of depth sensors that would offer the user better spatial awareness and low light will feature a field of view of 52 degrees and a resolution of 47 ppi similar to the hololens 2.

Suppose Apple wants to offer a truly augmented reality solution rather than a head-up display that displays 2d floating notifications or maps like Google Glass in this case, the glasses would have to connect to the iphone via a separate Wi-Fi connection if the iphone is needed to process all the images taken by the glasses camera and return the 3d image at a very high frame rate per second, a minimum of about 60 hz with a refresh rate of 120 hz being the best, it will take a lot more bandwidth than Bluetooth can give if Apple really wants to compete, we should expect a minimum of three hours of autonomy .

However, we can imagine that users will be more forgiving, especially if Apple includes a wireless charging glasses case that can extend the operating time of the device throughout the day, similar to airpods smart screens wireless signals microphones fast computers and lidar, combine to create a device that requires a large battery , it must be attractive and performant apple will have to compromise between a large battery and a host processor processing power is an area where Apple can save money like the first generation of apple watch.

Smart glasses could rely on the iphone for all its processing needs and simply show that Apple data would significantly reduce local processing by transmitting information from the phone to the glasses, leaving only the screen and sensors to worry about. The air pods are a great example of a small object with a long battery life.

Airpods pro despite their small size have a long battery life when using amc if the prototype devices are elegant, as the poster claims, Apple may have already overcome its problems with the design of the battery life.

The glasses will have to serve the customer as an element of technology and fashion, but they will also have to play a third role for many people, they will have to function as glasses apple is likely to include an option to order corrective lenses, but a patent describes another possibility that the lenses themselves can adapt to the person who wears them apple is studying different ways to make glass recordings obvious to spectators who do not want to be filmed.

They are also studying the possibility of making the camera module detachable the modular accessory will allow the lights of the camera to pulse in an encrypted way, the lens collecting the reflections in the recorded environment.

Conclusion :

Apple glasses are now priced at 499 plus prescription costs compared to other augmented reality headsets such as the Microsoft hololens 2 it may seem affordable the hololens 2 costs $3,500, including all the necessary equipment for the augmented reality experience the vuzix blade, on the other hand, has a starting price of $ 799.

The entry point is significantly cheaper, costing about the same as some of the company’s most expensive smartwatches according to ming chin co.

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