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Whats the Difference ? Xiaomi TV Box VS Xiaomi TV Stick (2024)

Xiaomi TV Box VS Xiaomi TV Stick :


The question of what is the difference between the xiaomi TV box and the xiaomi my TV stick, what are the differences between these two and who are they suitable for when we look at themfirst, apart from the physical difference, one is supposed to be hidden and connected to the back of your TV and has no impact, as if it were even there.

The other is somehow similar to a plug-in box or a set-top box, where you plug it in and have it somewhere in visible view, so that you can control it and do all kinds of other things, by plugging in USB sticks and that kind of stuff as far as the technical differences are concerned.

Now, first with regard to the TV box s, so the TV box s has a 4K display output, compared to the 1080p display output, from the my TV stick on the right, so remember that there is a second version of it that is available in 4K version.

But for this example, we are going to look at the 1080p version with regard to the Dimensions obviously, it is larger with dimensions of 95x 16 mm, and it is only 92x 30 by 15.

As for the weight, there is obviously a clear difference in weight 142 G, compared to 28 G.

Now, as for a processor between these two, the TV box s has a cortex a55 processor and a rarley G 31 mp2 GPU, as for my TV stick, it has a cortex a53 processor and it has the Rari 450 GPU.

Now, as far as ram is concerned, the TV box s has 2 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage, while the my TV stick has 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage as well as in terms of operating system.

The my TV stick has Android 9 while the TV box s runs on Android 11.

Now let’s move on to some of the advantages over the my TV stick, so now what are some of the reasons why we should choose the xiaomi my TV stick rather than the TV box? :

First of all, the fact that it is portable, lightweight and that it can go anywhere, so if you are going on a trip or for a weekend, all you have to do is that it is almost as good as carrying a USB flash drive, not that USB flash drives are so huge, but I want to say that you get the point.

The second thing is obviously its compactness related to its portability, I mean go anywhere and you can literally put it in your pocket, and move with it wherever you go.

The third reason is the fact that it’s commendable and it’s an absolutely great price, so it’s something that you don’t have to think twice about, because it’s like if you have like a 2009 TV box, which is going to be something that stresses you out.

So let’s move on to some of the reasons why we should consider buying the xiaomi TV box on the TV stick first, okay, other than the build size or the size of the product.

First, the TV box supports a 4K display on the 1080p of the my TV stick.

Secondly, the Box supports dual-bandwidth Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 5.2 after that.

We come to the Ram, the box has 2 GB of RAM compared to the 1 GB of the my TV stick after the ram.
Then we come to the processor, so the box has the quad core cortex a55 processor compared to the 53 which is in the my TV stick.

So the processor in the box has 18% of performance accumulates as well as 15% of energy efficiency accumulates.

Conclusion :

Finally the box has iOS and additional ports compared to the TV stick, which does not have any and these additional ports can really help with side loading, additional applications other than items that we find in the play Store.

But I mean with side loading, we can also download elements, and putting them on the key can also load laterally, so it doesn’t really matter.

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