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The BEST Crypto-Friendly Banks to Use in 2024 (Monzo, Revolut, Wirex)

BEST Crypto-Friendly Banks :

It may seem to some, that the purpose of crypto is to completely eliminate banks, but the reality is that they still serve as an essential fiat currency, for a large majority of holders, and traders of crypto.

Traditional brick and mortar banks can be slow with the adoption of crypto, but many Neo-digital banks, only rushed to fill this gap and for this reason, many users have turned to these online banks, for crypto transactions and services, so let’s take a look at the best crypto-friendly digital banks currently available, depending on where you are in the world.

Monzo :


In London, it is one of the first players in the digital-only banking sector, to challenge traditional players, monzo is popular with more than 7 million users, as of January this year, and it has been publicly stated that they are not anti- crypto accounts.

Monzo are fully authorized by the UK government, and are insured up to £85,000 per account, but similar to traditional banks, they also do not provide native cryptocurrency services, they only allow funds transfers, to regulated crypto exchanges in the UK such as coinbase.

For example, they do not support transfers to binance, which may make monzo unsuitable for many users, they are, however, only available, for those who are based in the UK, and also have a valid address in the UK.

The US Ally bank :


Is another online bank based in Utah, founded in 2009, it currently has 11 million customers and 154 billion deposits, it offers competitive interest rates on its savings account, money market accounts and CD certificates of deposit.

It is also part of a network of feet free ATMs, with more than 43,000 ATMs available to make cash withdrawals, with Alli bank is insured by the FDIC, which means that all deposits up to $250,000 per depositor, for each eligible account category are protected.

Ally bank is one of the most crypto-friendly online banks, although they do not offer spot crypto trading directly on their platform, they do offer various investments, based on crypto products such as crypto trusts,and stocks, Bitcoin futures ETFs, as with most other banks.

They also allow transfers of funds to regulated crypto exchanges.

Wrex :


A London-based mobile payment platform founded in 2014, which now has more than 5 million YX users, is probably the most crypto-centric payment platform on our list.

But is technically not a bank and therefore does not benefit from state deposit insurance.

Wrix markets itself as a web3 money application, so it is not surprising that they offer a variety of products, and services related to cryptography, although their white paper has been updated, for the last time a year ago states that wrex will focus on creating products, integrating both defy and trafi elements currently.

WX provides services through its mobile and web applications, such as exchanges for more than 50 Fiat and cryptocurrencies, Fiat and crypto payments, as well as various savings loans, borrowings and rewards programs, such as Crypt save up to 8%, with each card purchase.

It also has a native wxt token, which is used for subscription payments and other YX rewards, offers several product tiers ranging from their free standard plan to their premium or elite plans for $9.99, $ or $29.99 per month respectively.

Note that different products, wrex are regulated differently with their Fiduciary services regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, while their crypto-related offers are not deposits are protected as electronic money.

But this does not have the same guarantees as the government’s arrears insurance system.

Revolut :


Finally, we have revolutionized, a neobank and financial technology company, founded more recently in 2015 based in London, revolute is very popular with more than 18 million customers worldwide.

Because it is available for residents of the European economic Area, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Revolut offers a suite of services, including buying, selling and transferring crypto, directly from the price alerts and learning programs application, and crypto earning.

They also offer investing with crypto collections, which are indices of the more than 100 available cryptos grouped into different sectors. like the once gaming Defi, and more similar to wrex, its crypto services are also unregulated or the custody of insured crypto-deposits, is provided with pending storage, via third-party depositories where private keys are not connected to the Internet.

You can also transfer crypto out of the app and into your own self-depository wallet in the EU and EA, revolute operates as a bank regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, and client funds are covered up to €100,000, in total per depositor in case of default.

But in the other countries where it is available, it is not a bank and regulated differently, so be sure to check the specific terms and conditions relevant to you, if you are planning to register, there are not many on all platforms that provide a one-stop shop for fiat and crypto services.

Conclusion :

It is a safe bet that Neo banks, online first and online only, could be faster to adopt crypto than traditional incumbents.

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