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Should you buy AirPods Max in 2024?

AirPods Max :


More than 3 years ago, Apple launched its first over-ear headphones, the AirPods Max. Today I am going to share my experience of using them and tell you whether or not you should buy them in 2024. When they were released in December 2020, they were sold out almost instantly. It’s funny that Apple still sells them for exactly the same price on their website $549 and £500, in the UK. If you open Apple’s website today, you will see that they are at the very bottom of the list.

This is actually very clever marketing on Apple’s part, and it is deliberate in this way that Apple distinguishes the AirPods Max, from all other headphones.

So we can say that Apple, save the best for last, if we dive deep into the type of AirPods Max product, or Apple’s ecosystem, I would say that AirPods have become a style icon, from the elegant design, the original AirPods to the luxurious feel of the AirPods Max, they scream fashionable, you see them everywhere: in cafes, on the street and even in gyms.

It is clear that the AirPods and in particular the AirPods Max, have become more than just headphones – they are a fashion statement.

So, in my opinion, it’s a mixture of fashion functionality and brand power, this combination works surprisingly well, and explains why AirPods Max despite their price are popular.

But what about the sound? For many, it seems that the sound quality of these headphones is not the top priority.

Yes, AirPods Max offer impressive sound, but when you see someone wearing them, is it the sound that follows, or is it the appearance?

This brings us to an interesting point about consumer behavior, people most of the time buy products for their emotional appeal, not just for the technical specifications, it’s about how a product makes you feel how it looks, and the status is transmitted, this is especially true for an expensive product like AirPods Max.

Just think about it, when choosing a pair of headphones, do you always delve deeply into the specifications or are you attracted to the brand, to the design, the way it complements your style.

Apple as a brand has mastered this art, they create an emotional connection with their products, it’s not just about listening to music, it’s about being part of a community of a lifestyle, which is why even if there are better headphones that sound, people could still choose the AirPods Max.

Hardly anyone talks about the real reason people buy them, it’s never about the audio quality, or the battery life, or a single technical feature of these headphones, it’s all about the visuals of our appearance, and the way we are perceived by others, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s one of the many reasons Apple has such a fan base and their image that’s how Apple became a $3 trillion company.

Apple’s marketing plays a huge role, they don’t just sell headphones, they sell an experience that is part of your identity, their advertisements, their stories, the reception experience, everything is designed to make you feel special, as if you were buying something bigger than just a gadget.

This strategy significantly influences purchasing decisions, people buy a piece of the Apple ecosystem, a symbol of modern design and the lifestyle of a tech-savvy person, but let’s not forget the build quality, and the convenience that Max airports bring to the table, they offer seamless integration with Apple devices, impressive noise cancellation and excellent sound quality.

So if we get them out of this strange case and a lot of people criticize it, but I still think it’s not too bad, it could have been much worse.

What I really like about them is how premium they feel in your hands, so they are very, very heavy for the headphones, and if you put them on your head, you will feel very, very heavy on your head, but because of this headband because of these very nice and soft cushions, I would say that they are almost weightless.

So there is no huge weight on your head, as you would expect, but if you take them off your head, you will immediately notice how heavy they are, and even carry them in your backpack, so I would say that they don’t feel so light in your backpack.

So when you wear, it is better to put them in this case, but there are many third-party cases, if you really need to put them in a case, but they are all really very big if we go back a little in history.

We can talk about white headphones, a trend that Apple has not only launched, but also popularized.

Why were the headphones always black before and how did Apple’s choice of white color help it stand out, plus we have to mention the technical challenges of creating white plastic, which resists yellowing remember, when almost all headphones were black, it was the norm until Apple intervened, with the release of the iPod Apple presented white headphones it was more than just a choice of color.

It was a statement that Apple was doing something different, something bold, these white headphones quickly became a symbol of the brand, and an icon of a more modern design, why did it matter in a sea of black and gray electronics, white stood out.

It was fresh, clean and instantly recognizable when walking down the street, you could spot these wide headphones from afar, they were not just headphones, they were fashion statements part of a cultural change, creating white plastic that does not turn yellow over time, is no easy task.

Apple had to innovate not only in the design, but also in the materials they developed a special type of plastic, resistant to ultraviolet light and wear this ured, that the iconic white color, remained virgin retaining its long-term appeal.

Apple’s choice to opt for a white headset did more than just define a trend, it reinforced the brand’s identity as a pioneer, and trendsetter.

These headphones weren’t just about listening to music, they were about making a statement, Apple didn’t just make white headphones popular, they turned them into a symbol of innovation and style.

So with the AirPods Max, Apple did something that they never did before the iPhone, they made a luxury product in their line app, which had more than three colors, it’s really unusual for Apple, and it was something that was heavily marketed.

I would say that this is one of the reasons why AirPods Max cost so much, essentially, it’s a premium to pay more money, for different color options, mine are silver because they were the cheapest when I bought them.

But in fact different color variations, cost the same on the Apple website, this is not the case when you buy from different retailers.

Now I want to share my thoughts on their use, if the built-in case is really that bad, and I will also reveal why I am selling them, so to be honest, I used the AirPods Max in this third-party case.

I think it’s from spigon, and yes it’s not sponsored by them in any way, but I really like how it looks inside it’s very very soft, the important part that few people really know about AirPods, is that you have the magnets, so when you put them in this case it’s not like that, with other cases but in this case when you put them inside.

And to be honest, I’m a little tired of the lightning cable, because it’s the only way to charge them and that’s one of the main reasons I sell them, I also have an accessory that is the lightning to 3.5mm audio jack adapter, and what I really hate is that you have to buy it separately.

So as you can see, you can’t actually use it with your iPhone, and the cable is very, very thin.

For the price of the headphones in fact, it’s ridiculous that you don’t even have the cable, users of Bluetooth headphones know that if you don’t have this cable, in many cases you will have audio delays, quite significant, especially if you are trying to work with video and sound, so it’s really important with these headphones, you have that ready.

So today, since the headphones have been on the market, for some time, you can buy them on Amazon or at other retailers, with a discount.

I just want to warn you, that you should never buy complex refurbished products, like iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, from other retailers besides Apple themselves, because these devices can be assembled from different parts and in the end, and it will almost never work for the entire time that it is designed to work.

Conclusion :

So if you buy refurbished products, it’s good to go to Apple‘s refurbished website, and buy it there because their standards are top notch in terms of buying, of these at the moment, I would advise it again because many leakers have said that Apple, could release new AirPods Max, very soon maybe 2024-2025 so, if you are looking for high quality AirPods, I would advise you to buy AirPods Pro 2.

Now you know why people buy AirPods Max, how you can save if you want to buy them.

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