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New SuperBox S5 MAX IPTV Box | Say Goodbye to Cable!

SuperBox S5 MAX IPTV Box :


The Super box is back, I made the S2 S3 S4 we are on the S5 max, if you don’t know what it is, it is an IPTV box, designed to completely eliminate the need for cable, I made all their boxes.

So this is the S5 max 6K iptv box, running Android 12, and again this is done to eliminate the need for cable, it has all the channels from all over the world for you to watch, that you don’t need to use cable, I know all the super boxes pretty well from this moment on.

It’s the first time I’ve seen one in a different color other than black, a really cool choice, so it’s a blue color, it has antennas because it requires a Wi-Fi connection, I recommend having a fairly fast Wi-Fi connection, to use this great box because everything you consume on this box is broadcast on all your channels, you can use Netflix and Hulu and things like that, it’s not free, you still need a subscription for these things.

But if your one-stop shop for all your consumption from the point of view of content consumption, so these antennas here are dual-band, they are 5G, they manage the 6TH Wi-Fi, if you have the new high-speed Wi-Fi fiber like me in the back.

We have as usual your HDMI, you have an IR or AV Blas, you have your power input, you have your optical cable, then you have an Ethernet cord, if you want to be wired to this device on the front, you again have this clock that also tells you when you change channel panels, you have an IR blaster, because you have a remote control that is somewhere inside this box.

It looks like the usual suspect, it’s the same remote control I’ve seen with all the super boxes looks like this, pretty healthy size made of plastic so it’s not going to be too heavy but all your features are there, you can figure out how to connect this to a universal remote control, if you have one the superbox S5 Max comes with many upgrades over the predecessor, including Android 12 operating system, improved voice control system 4 GB, DDR plus 64 GB storage, supports 1,000 megabytes Wi-Fi 6 Ethernet port, and now has a better, more high-end alloy case.

The S5 Max offers you a maximum resolution of 6K at 60 frames, per second, but you will need a fairly high-speed Internet, to take advantage of that other goodies to note inside the box of course, you have the power adapter, then you have an HDMI cord in case you don’t have one available for that, they give you one in the box rated up to at least 6K, because they claim that you can do it on this super box and then of course.

You have your owner’s manual that will help you set it up, but let’s do it, let’s head to the movie theater and try this so that we have the super box plugged into the audio system, in the home theater room, and the first thing you want to do is go to settings and make sure your Wi-Fi is connected.

It prompts you when you start your super box for the first time, but in case it doesn’t connect, you can access the settings in the lower left corner and connect to your Internet once you’re done, this is your home screen, and the first thing you want to do, you don’t have a TV or anything integrated from the beginning from the start, so you want to go to the red App Store, it’s not the play Store it’s that they are dedicated App Store, you click on this tile goes to the App Store the Android icon click on it, and you can download, once you have downloaded, you have a new icon called app Store.

Click on it, because it will bring you their applications dedicated to live TV, get pay-per-view movies etc, and so on, so once the timer is over, you will see a whole bunch of different applications separated from the play Store, which you have to download, and the ones you are going to want to download to get everything you need is the blue VOD.

We are going to download this, and blue TV is what you need to have access to channels in the United States, or across the country once you have downloaded these two applications, you can access live TV and press Add, then Blue TV, go ahead and also add blue VOD, if you press the back button and when you click on the Blue TV application, it will give you all the TV services they have to offer you.

Now, if you like a channel, and you want to save it well if you long press on the channel, it will highlight the star in yellow, and now this channel is saved as a quick preset.
now right next to live is VI o video on demand if you click on it you have access to some of the most popular movies.

Conclusion :

S5 max 6K and it’s at your fingertips, and it’s an Android-based system, so you have access to the Play Store if you don’t have a Google device or an Android phone, you may not have a Google account, you will need it, but it allows you to download any application in the Play Store, including Hulu Plus and all other Disney streaming devices. We have all the games when they arrive in the next few days, so it’s really cool, really simple to use and not a bad choice if you want to ditch the cable.

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