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Lenovo Tab P12 – Big Screen With Bigger Sound BUT…

Lenovo Tab P12 :


Lenovo Tab P12, this tablet costs less than Rs 30,000 with a 12.7-inch 3K display, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages, we will cover them all.

We also reviewed its predecessor, Lenovo P11 Pro, but it’s old, we will have a box, It has a big tablet.

In the Lenovo Tab P12, we will have a 20W charger, 1 Type A to Type C cable, an ejector pin and some books, and this is a stylus, you will get it separately for Rs 4000.

And in the box you will get a stylus, apart from that you will get additional tips for more art and some books, and we get a 12-inch tablet, this is for the special audience who likes big screens and big studies.

On the top we will have 2 noise-canceling microphones, A volume rocker button, A lock and unlock button, this is a physical fingerprint scanner, and its speed is very fast, It unlocks the tablet after touching it. On the other side we will have 2 speakers and a tray in which you can insert a micro SD card slot, it has no sim support, it is a WiFi tablet and it supports up to 1 TB of micro SD card.

On the other side we will have 2 speakers and a Type-C port.

At the bottom of Lenovo Tab P12 we will get a pogo pin to attach the keyboard. On the back we will have a tablet with a small icon.

This is the camera module, it is a single camera with a flash, the back and the side frame of this tablet are made of metal.

It has a double tone, one is glossy and the other is matte but it is entirely made of metal the weight of this tablet is about 610 grams, despite its 12.7 inches, It has a very good tablet with a weight of about 600 grams.

The thickness of this tablet is very thin, you can see that it is S23 Ultra, and that it is thinner than that, it is thin and bigger than that.

This tablet Lenovo is available in 2 variants, one is 128 GB, which is about 27,500 Rupees, And the other is 256 GB, which is about 29,500 Rupees, you will get a difference of 2000 Rupees in storage. Now let’s talk about the main feature, which is its display. This tablet has a massive 12.7-inch 3K screen, with a resolution of 2944×1840, it is a glossy screen, so you will get fingerprints when using it, but this is not a problem.

You can easily clean it, the aspect ratio of this screen is 16 to 10, in terms of color gamut, it comes with 96% DCI-P3, thus, you will get good colors.

If you want to watch multimedia or movies, You will get good colors, if you want to perform a color accuracy task, for example, if you want to do photo editing on this tablet, or perform color calibration in small videos.

But, one thing that disappoints me is its brightness, it comes with a brightness of 400 nits, I expected a brightness of 500 nits, or 500+ nits, at least, It should have been 550 nits because it is less in such a big tablet, if we do 100% brightness, there is no problem to use indoors.

It’s fun to watch content indoors, but, if you use it in a bright environment, You will feel that there is a lack of brightness.

The brightness should have been slightly more, it has a large screen, 3K resolution, the color gamut is also good, Lenovo lacked brightness Because it is a large screen, We get Corning Gorilla Glass 3, for protection.

So, no problem if it falls a little, but if it falls hard, then everything will break, be it the heart or the glass, the viewing angles of the screen are good, there is no color change in extreme tilt.

Its display is TUV Rheinland flicker-free certified, and TUV Rheinland full care display 3.0 certified.

So if you use the screen for a long time, you will not suffer such an impact on the eyes, the biggest drawback related to its display is that it has a 60 Hz panel.

It feels restless, when using such a large screen, if you scroll through a website, or social media, because all laptops have high refresh rate systems.

Our phones have high refresh rate systems, so when we use 60 Hz, We think that It really won’t affect an iPhone user, because there is no need for more than 60 Hz.

Now let’s talk about the specifications of Lenovo Tab P12, it hasmediatek Dimensity 7050, which is an octa-core processor. It has 8 GB of RAM, LPDDR4 RAM.

According to me, It should have been LPDDR5 because Dimensity 7050 supports LPDDR5, they could have added it, it’s a Rs 30,000 tablet, it has UFS 2.2 storage.

Dimensity 7050 supports versions 3.0 and 3.1. Still, I didn’t like the 2.2, depending on the price, it could have been better in terms of specifications.

Lenovo Tab P12, has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth version 5.1, in terms of connectivity. It does not have a cellular connection, It only works with Wi-Fi.

We also performed the wildlife extreme test, we have a stability of about 99%, this means that the processor worked efficiently, without any limitation problems, speaking of real performance, I did not encounter any problems when multitasking.

I have not encountered any lag when opening the applications side by side, we have support for multiple Windows, so we have opened many applications on the screen because there is a large screen, I have not encountered any lag, I have encountered lags and stutters when installing applications or when I have opened applications, heavy and a little more multitasking.

It just appears and then it works normally, I have not encountered any problems in performing daily tasks.
But, how will we know the real performance? Thanks to the game, We will start with BGMI, You can play on smooth, balanced, HD and HDR settings.

But, in ultra, we get 35-40 FPS, it’s not very smooth In Esports games, I think the FPS should be high, so we will play on fluid and extreme settings, that is, games at 60 FPS, you can see the statistics, I’m running around 58-59 FPS.

The statistics of the Lenovo Tab P12 battery, are also activated, the temperatures are also coming, the tablet is not heating up because it is cold.
I am testing Call of Duty, in graphic quality I will get low, medium and high, in frame rate I get max.

When I select max, the graphic quality becomes low, I have to play on a maximum of FPS. It’s a 60 Hz screen, so, I get 60 FPS stable in this game, I jumped, I become stable at 59.9 FPS.

The gyroscope is very important in this game, And this tablet has a good gyroscope.

The gameplay is good, the CPU-GPU temperatures are normal, the battery is also normal, and I become stable at 60 FPS.

After playing for a long time, the temperature of the tablet was about 29-30 degrees, but, the temperature around the chipset was about 37-38 degrees.

Which is not too hot, it is bearable even if it is less than 40 degrees, on the screen side, You get 30 degrees on the screen, but, the temperature around the chipset is also about 35-37 degrees.

People who want to watch movies usually buy this type of tablet, because it’s fun to watch movies on a big screen, the display is large and the speakers matter a lot.

One of the best parts of this tablet is the speakers, it has 4 speakers of 1W, are tuned by JBL and Dolby Atmos support.

You can connect a Dolby Atmos audio device to the speakers, and listen to music and the output will be amazing, and when we watch a movie We get an incredible stereo separation from the speakers.

And the JBL tuning gives a very good clear, loud and crisp sound, the speaker volume is like a laptop speaker, and even higher than that, a slight bass is also there, It supports Widevine L1, so You can play videos on all OTT platforms, with maximum resolution, be it Netflix or Amazon prime.

We don’t have HDR support on Netflix, but it does have HDR support. because, I was watching videos on YouTube and 4K 60 HDR appeared there.

The software experience also counts a lot in tablets, it has Android 13 ready to use.

There is no bloatware, no additional applications are installed, there are a few Lenovo applications, but no additional applications are installed.

It has Google’s entertainment area, if I swipe my finger to the right from the main screen it shows personalized content, you can search for content from the search option.

You will get a watch, all OTTs are displayed, and the relevant content is similar to that of a TV like games, and you can also read What I liked a lot.

Rest, We get the split screen function, You can open 2 applications, and it feels good to multitask on such a screen, and we also get the multiple display mode, if you long press on any application, and open the first icon, the application starts hovering and we can hover over 2 applications Rest.

We can also use our tablet, It’s great for multitasking, it’s great for note-taking, and since you use the tablet vertically, and any vertical application like Instagram that works vertically, It usually doesn’t work, horizontally on the tablet.

Using its settings we get a horizontal mode, so you can use the application horizontally, our wallpaper comes at the back and you can use the application like this, if you want to run an application that runs vertically horizontally, the functionality is useful there.

And one feature of this tablet is very good, in the advanced features you get PC mode, if you turn on PC mode, it becomes a suitable desktop.

It’s like Samsung’s dex mode, but it has appropriate icons, we get recent applications at the bottom.

You get a proper PC experience here, if you connect a keyboard and mouse via OTG, you can enjoy the laptop experience.

It does not have the power of a laptop, but it will give you a lot of pleasure. And one thing that matters most in this tablet is the type-C display output. Because many teachers use these tablets.

So if they want to take online classes, do projection, connect with a large screen, broadcast live or do mirroring via type C, it does not have this support.

Although it is a Rs 30,000 tablet, I found it to be a disadvantage, we looked at this from Xiaomi Pad 6, it had a display output.

And we don’t get any vibration or haptic feedback in this tablet, there is no need for this tablet and it’s not a call tablet, but still, it would have been better.

The sensor of the front camera is 13MP and the rear camera is 8MP, if you are making a video recording, you can record in 4K, 1080P, 720P at 30 FPS with the front camera and you can record in 1080P and 720P at 30 FPS, with the rear camera.

The camera is good for tasks such as video calls, meetings, Google meetings, and for security updates we will have 2 years of updates, major ones like up to Android 15, and we will get 4 year security updates.

This stylus pen comes with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, it supports pressure sensitivity, If you use it lightly, you will get a fine line.

If you use it firmly, you will get a thick line, it recognizes the pressure sensitivity, it also supports tilt detection, there is no problem if you use it after tilting, it also supports palm rejection.

If you use a stylus on such a large screen, Your palm will touch the screen and the screen will not work on it.

This stylus pen comes with a type-C port, and you can use it to take notes, if your tablet screen is off, you can press the off screen button to open the notes app.
You can take notes on the go on it, if you make a mistake, You can press the button to erase it.

You can pause the music remotely thanks to this stylus, you can also use it to move the slides of the presentation.

You can also use this button to click on the photos from the camera, you get a Nebo application, You can take notes in it thanks to its stylus, it will be useful for students, teachers, working professionals.

There are different use cases for this stylus, for example, you can use it to make your art, you can change your colors, you can make drawings, you can use this stylus for photo editing, its stylus works very precisely.

Conclusion :

The price of this tablet you can get it cheap, if you want a tablet under Rs.30,000 with a large screen.

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