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Kaspersky VPN review 2024 | Should You Even Consider It?

Kaspersky VPN :


Kaspersky’s reputation is to die for. Their antivirus has been a crowd favorite for years, and although it took a bit of a dive for political reasons, the quality of the software remained at a high level.

Let’s start with the perfect question is Kaspersky VPN good?

While investigating this question, I didn’t know how solid it was going to be, I mean, currently it offers more than 2,000 servers in 100 countries, and it’s not the biggest server list, but the coverage is really impressive, it’s on par with Surfshark VPN and directly on some of NordVPN’s numbers.

Indeed, Kaspersky VPN can only access Netflix US reliably, so you won’t get a lot of content from it.

The performance is partly based on the tunneling protocol.
The best VPNs often offer the classic OpenVPN protocol, and a newer and faster option like WireGuard, or even proprietary protocols like NordLynx, from NordVPN or Lightway from ExpressVPN.

The hero of this review went both ways, he has WireGuard, so you can expect your Kaspersky VPN download speed to be very solid, but beyond WireGuard, he also uses Catapult Hydra, a proprietary protocol developed by another VPN company behind Hotspot Shield, naturally, our VPN today is solid overall.

I mean, there’s encryption, the kill switch, which is a feature that prevents leaks due to interrupted connections, and split tunneling which allows you to point to an application and say, use a VPN with only this one or without this one, depending on what you find most convenient.

That said, in terms of additional features, Kaspersky only has smart home Protection, which essentially protects every device connected to your home, broadband, with its VPN encryption.
It’s not bad, but when providers like NordVPN, Surfshark or ExpressVPN have built-in ad blockers, password managers and even antivirus, I can’t help but expect more.

Of course, Kaspersky antivirus still exists, but looking at the overall price, it is clear that it is not in the same category as the most popular alternatives.

Maintenant, fait intéressant, lors de l’audit de 2022, AV-test a affirmé que Kaspersky VPN avait la vitesse la plus rapide du marché, cela s’est avéré complètement faux, il n’a pas pu rattraper les meilleurs fournisseurs que j’ai examinés auparavant.

En parlant d’audits, les audits de sécurité, ne concernaient que la partie antivirus de l’application.

Most of the time, you don’t get a VPN without antiviruses, so these are connected.
We all know the location of Kaspersky, it is a company based in Russia.0

Naturally, there are political problems there, from the US ban on using Kaspersky, in government structures to the alleged connection between Kaspersky and the Russian government, which the provider denies with everything it has.

But there are even unfounded rumors that Kaspersky, has been producing malware for decades, but all this is nothing compared to my true suspicions.

You see, if I’m right, all this time, Kaspersky VPN, was just a renowned hotspot shield.

Most of the servers and the tunneling protocol already come from Hotspot Shield.

But if that wasn’t enough, Kaspersky saves user data and transfers it to Pango, the owner of Hotspot Shield, pango likes to store a lot of user data.

While everyone was afraid to give Russia access to their data, it was the US-based Pango from the beginning.

Conclusion :

You will not have to worry about the price of Kaspersky premium, which is also much higher than that of other VPN providers, that said, that it is not such a bad VPN, it offers a decent level of security, fast performance and many servers.

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