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2024 Ethereum Price Prediction (CRAZY!)

Ethereum :


If Bitcoin is digital gold, then ether is what in your mind it is digital oil in a historic moment for crypto.

The ethereum spot ETFs have just been approved, okay to extrapolate, give more about it, which means that Black Rock and the other ETF issuers will soon be actively promoting ethereum to their incredibly large investor base, the reason today is that some have just dropped on my desk, this may be the best thing I’ve seen in the last 6 months, leaving the mainstream media today to play catch-up and educate the masses about what Ethereum is.

So think of it as if you have gold which is like a savings currency that you use, but think about how oil works everything that has always been supposed to be a natural gas, like a gas to run products on top of ethereum, while Bitcoin allows you to be your own bank, like a digital gold ethereum allows you to build on it build decentralized banking-type services, like decentralized lending and borrowing, and like gas in a car.

The ethereum token is that oil that is needed to allow all these cars to run, then use the local currency as the price of gas which is oil, so it’s basically you can create as many cars as possible, which you need to have the same fuel, which is ethereum there and again in a historic SEC decision, the eth spot ETF has been approved, and the crypto industry is celebrating a new milestone, after the SEC paved the way for the possible launch of the first exchange-traded fund investing directly in the Ether token.

But only for listing, which means that the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, the CBOE exchanges can all list an etherum ETF, but trading will not start immediately, because the SEC has not yet approved the individual registration statements of the ETFs.

There are two pieces of approval for one of these types of products, there is the approval of the listing which is what happened yesterday, then there is the approval of the product itself which is still pending what is called the registration statement, which means that the SEC has still not approved the individual issuers of ETFs like black rock that we have to find out.

This product will be eligible for listing, but it won’t actually be traded until this registration statement is approved, so it’s a step, it’s a step in the direction, but does that mean it’s inevitable and I loved this breakdown explaining exactly where we are today.

The ethereum spot ETF has not yet been approved although the 19B d4s representing the industry standard has been approved, but we will still have to wait a few days to a few months for the approval of the S1 S3s, and the listing of ethereum spot ETFs, I think it means that it is inevitable.

We simply followed the same process with the Bitcoin product where almost all or all the questions were decided, the question that was decided to speak technically, is that the market is efficient enough for this product to be listed on the stock exchange.

But as you know, Gary gendler from the SEC kicked and shouted, yeah why did the SEC suddenly abruptly approve the ethereum ETF, when they had to lose a lawsuit to get them to approve, Bitcoin ETFs so what’s different this time.

There was a settled question of whether the lower Bitcoin, the lower is ethereum was a security or not, or the Bitcoin transactions were securities transactions, the SEC has not definitively said until now and they have always definitively said that the underlying transactions in ethereum, are not securities transactions and that is why you subscribe to altcoin daily, because whether the approval of the ethereum ETF indicates that Ethereum is now a commodity or not.

I think it’s such a clear sign that it’s that this will be what you have to show to prove that ethereum is not a security, or if it’s a security how it works, but part of the thing and we were talking about it we used to use this analogy, on the Broadway ticket.

I loved that analogy about if something is a security.
That’s how you tell the difference between something that is a security, and then becomes a commodity image of the game, the game has not started.

The play is a huge success someone goes to the ticket office, buys the same ticket for the same show it’s just a ticket it’s a commodity it’s not an investment in the future of the show, that’s how something is used to create a network you know using a token to create a network, and saying if this network comes out your token will be worth a lot of money is a security, and then when the network is built, but the reason it was approved so quickly.

The real reason why cryptocurrency is increasing, I think it has been a very big political push because of the election year, both presidential candidates want your vote to want, the crypto communities to vote and somewhere you have to say that the Republican candidate, being so Pro crypto have prompted the Democrats to really pay attention to it that suddenly out of the blue we have a very hushed and unprepared ETF approval, we are still waiting for the negotiation to take place, but the market’s expectations over the past two days have been incorporated.

But that’s not really where we haven’t crossed 4K and alltime, and the high prices were 4.4 true at the moment.
An ethereum is worth 3,700 at the all-time high that we have not crossed since November 2021, we were 4,8,000 by e still 20 23%, from the all-time high, the approval of these ETFs essentially clears it in a regulatory way, which means that we are at least reaching all-time highs again, it’s baked and again.

I only say this because when the Bitcoin ETFs were approved on January 11, 2024, the market began to understand that Bitcoin, was in a better place from a regulatory point of view, from an institutional point of view from an options point of view, than when we hit another thing to understand, is that the Ethereum balances on exchanges are at their lowest level ever reached up to 13.7 million, which is about a third of what was available in May 2021, it is now just before what we expect to be another 1 to 2 million requests from ETFs eth, which means that this number should fall by another 1 to 2 million.

Conclusion :

My bias is that Bitcoin can at least 2x in fact now a little less than 2x next year and a half 120 000 per coin.

I think eth could at least three to maybe 4X in that same period, so it goes from $11,000 per coin to just under $15,000.

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